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slingcamp @williamnhutton Didn’t Macron just urge the EU to do similar, in China? And what good will Ireland, Luxembourg etc be to us in a shooting war??😂😂
VinaigretteGirl Oxford, England @_K_F_P_ @molucco @Glinner @bandwildyouth @rte And misogynists. Will Ireland ever stop persecuting women? Process and policy analyst: sex-class based IPV, livelihoods, Outsider/Insider. The wild generosity of the universe delights me. D. Phil (Oxon).
for29years Ireland Will Ireland ever get over its seemingly incurable addiction to crude religious dogma and associated shaming rituals? Gender identity theory has taken over where Catholicism left off with a chilling seamlessness and more pervasive ruthlessness than its predecessor. Here am I, a lifetime away from you
youcangetderek @EU_Taxud when will Ireland be back up and running?? I'm human
DatateamMedia Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdo The 2023 winners of the ACR News Awards have been announced! Thank you to our sponsors and everyone for coming - let's do it again next year 🥂 #ACRNewsawards Hosted by @rhysjamesy 📸 Will Ireland Datateam is a modern and dynamic communications business with a comprehensive product portfolio of leading publications, websites and events across many sectors
Ian_Callender Northern Ireland Ireland bowled out for 492. Super effort and Sri Lanka are now going to have to bat for best part of two days to get a significant lead! Or will Ireland bowlers get enough help from the pitch now they are bowling second. It's tea and there are 34 overs left in the day writes about cricket and follows Tottenham Hotspur - not necessarily in that order
ColumbaMd Ireland What a great book about inclusive and welcoming Ireland- haters won’t buy it but many decent people will. #ireland #welcome ⁦@CurrachBooks⁩ Journalist/Editor/Publisher
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skiduffer Awash with cash, will Ireland blow its windfall like the U.K. did with N. Sea oil? Are we scared of AI? Falling oil prices hint at slowing global economy. And much more! Latest podcast with ⁦@JimPowerEcon⁩ podcaster and blogger at
shellyfromEire San Diego, CA @RepAdamSmith @RepJayapal @SenBooker Will Ireland's allotment of Green Cards ever be reinstated? Meanwhile the US has INS agents in Shannon and refuels military jets there, in a neutral country. #AutismAwareness From Dublin living in San Diego. I share what it's like to be one of 100k Irish people living in the US. We miss home. Never Trump.
sumingkhoo NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland What will Ireland's future of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge look like with this level of epistemicide??? Tweets personal. Interested in development, human rights and higher education.
minty737800 Dublin City, Ireland How will Ireland evacuate its' Diplomatic Staff and Citizens if the need suddenly arises??? SDF to evacuate Japanese citizens from Sudan as conflict rages | The Japan Times Tweet for twitters sake. Opinions are mine. Irish Veteran
AontuIE Ireland SF & Michelle O'Neill are wrong to attend the Coronation of British King. She will be attending as a subject of a British king, a king that claims sovereignty over part of Ireland and a king that will sign the Legacy Bill into Law in months. Implementing the Proclamation of the Republic. A Movement Dedicated to Life, Unity & Economic Justice for Everyone. Challenging Establishment Group Think.
OgbeniDipo England, United Kingdom “Teachers in England are on strike again today, following teachers in Northern Ireland who walked out yesterday. Some schools will close temporarily over the next few weeks. Members of the National Education Union (NEU) in England are striking on Thursday 27 April and again on… Interested in Human Capital Development (Education, Training, Skills, Talent & Org Dev)|Views, mine|🇬🇧🇳🇬.
genspect International We’re delighted that both @HJoyceGender and Michael Biggs will be presenting at our Bigger Picture conference in Killarney, Ireland tomorrow. #GenspectBiggerPicture An international alliance of professionals, parent groups, trans people, detransitioners, and others promoting a healthy approach to sex and gender.
DIYKitAtaraxy Latvia, Rīga/Tūja @Will_the_Rose This is something people don't realise - Russian invasion has been the best recruitment ad these radical paramilitary orgs could have had. Societies under assault and pressure tend to radicalise - we see it in Ukraine, we see it in Palestine, we saw it in Ireland. Mercy killing, those counting sheep
software52047 @jedi_mx @DisenRight @LibertyCappy Ukraine women will continue to get raped, civilians will get massacared and military personell will continue to get decimated. From Ireland, we send condolences to Russia 💖💖
GregTuck17 western fringes of Eurasia @moneillsf A united Ireland will have to make some accommodation with its Unionist population. That will require a sense of trust and an ambition to build a future that can truly reconcile with the past. O'Neill has shown impressive leadership and made that future a little more possible Fairly reasonable but easily exasperated. Politics range between social democrat and anarcho-syndicalist. Likes Cézanne, gardening, cats, the LRB and red wine.
ScotRugbyPod Scotland Incredible news that Scotland have sold 4000 tickets for the weekend game against Ireland. Such a crunch match and the crowd will be key. Just shows that investment = results and results = growth… more investment = more growth. Official account for Scottish Rugby Podcast by @ScotRugbyBlog. Apple, Spotify etc . DMs open. ”Heroically niche”
cageyview @patricej36 And the woman most responsible is on maternity leave,wonder if she has thought about the new Ireland her children will face.
UK_ASO #ECO2023 will take place 17th-20th May 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. Organised by @EASOobesity with @ASOIreland; the programme includes sessions on immunophenotyping in obesity, obesity and inequality and the future of obesity management. Register ▶️ The Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) is the UK’s foremost charitable organisation dedicated to the understanding, prevention and treatment of obesity.
IWSie Galway, Ireland 📣📢 Deadline Extension: May 12th 2023 📢📣 Water Safety Ireland is hiring for the role of Data Officer who will produce statistics and analyse data related to drowning, lifeguard services and WSI courses. Closing date is May 12th, 2023 at 5pm, GMT. Water Safety Ireland promotes water safety education and training to reduce drownings
JFF_Ireland Ireland "Will thrill fans of fantasy anime and Japanese mythology" - Eye For Film Our Japan Foundation programme for #jff23 wraps up @LightHouseD7 this evening, Thu April 27, with the epic DESTINY: THE TALE OF KAMAKURA. 🎟️ Tickets only €7 via The Japanese Film Festival Ireland is co-organised by the Embassy of Japan, accessCINEMA and the Ireland Japan Association
mayfieldshow @Barra_ob Boy or girl no difference! Plz teach kids protect themselves warn others look at Germany Sweden etc... Pray to GOD, cry out to Jesus for salvation, Ireland is a country without vision and a country without vision will perish.
BBCNEandCumbria North East & Cumbria Voters in some parts of England and Northern Ireland will choose new councillors on 4 May. BBC Tees Political Reporter David Macmillan explains what to expect at the polling station... using Lego The latest news that matters to you in the North East and Cumbria. 📺 Got a story? 🖥 DM us or email 📧
A_Harasimowicz Kolonia Dzięcioły Bliższe @AislingOConne11 @RealMessageEire It's the same in Poland - they never say what nationality the criminal is (eg. from Ukraine). I think that the pathological altruism demonstrated by Govt step by step will destroy your nation. Faster than you think. It makes me so angry, and sad, to see what Ireland has become. Obserwator Rzeczy Dziwnych & Ulotnych; melancholik; nostalgik; Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει; 🇵🇱 & 🇮🇪
PaulGavinTweets Bath, England @MaryRogan @SimonHarrisTD Shocking statement. More focus needed on diversion, non-custodial options, restorative justice and therapeutic options. Ireland could lead the world in so many areas if the political will was there. Irish criminologist abroad. Irish prisoner experiences in the UK, mental health, restorative, problem solving and therapeutic justice Tweets are personal.
tyrus603 @winnerclothing Mr. "Nothing will happen" wants to know if I'm excited $REZZF $GBML's Ireland mining permit was granted. Global Battery insiders with access to gobble huge chunks of shares at .11 are the most excited today. I and market will be excited when tons of lithium get mined. Soon.
justmejimmy81 @grace_horselady @JacquiDeevoy1 @SeanAllen31087 You are still fully asleep lapping her bullcrap up..she will do nothing and she can talk all she wants..a useless megaphone that does nothing for the people of ireland!!
IrishRail Ireland 🚨🚧 Works between Dun Laoghaire and Bray Sat 29th, Sun 30th April and Mon 1st May 🚨DARTs between Malahide/Howth and Dún Laoghaire only. Limited shuttle service between Bray and Greystones. Dublin Bus/Go Ahead Ireland will accept tickets ℹ️ Full info: Online Mon-Fri 07.00-21.00, Sat 08.00-20.00, Sun+public hols 09.00-19.00 updates, service, news. Travel alerts at other times. ✉️
sean132707 @Toibin1 I am flying over from ireland for the kings coronation. Once in a lifetime opportunity. And somthing Ireland will never experience. My views are my own
Darhur71 Here @KeithDrake87 @TavorX95 @rodbishop15 @Steve_Laws_ Now FF/FG/GREENS are dopes and will be voted out next election… but sur SF /labour and independences in … 🙄 what I am saying is that Ireland is recognised as a stable economy and place to live!! Can’t say that about England now we are all just passing through. let’s make the journey fun
CROWSPLAY1 @JayMac2024 @Barra_ob In time they will make their way up. I pray they don't, but brace yourself for it. Ireland is only so big, and when there is no more space, they will migrate North. 𝒴ℰ𝒮ℋ𝒰𝒜✟. Obey the 10 Commandments📖/NO ORGANIZED RELIGION/ Anti-vax! POLITRICKS IS AN ILLUSION /Against Animal cruelty!/ Agenda 2030 is here.- Be warned.⚠
Rob_Bee2177799 California, USA @FightHaven Looks like 2 Hebs got beat the fork up and they can't say otherwise. Irish lads can't fight. That's why they go to Ireland for terrorist military traing same Jews .I've humiliated many literaly over 30. Tony gots to forever watch his back sad things. They will try to frame n kil Starting from bottom writer,poet,musician &Certified Studio Engineer/producer. A CIVEL Rights Litigator with a love for Human Rights.Break Out ht
BeeeeNature @irish_organic @ElaineMcgoff Almost what I wanted to reply, just not living in Ireland. In this time of year, we shouldn't even want peppers etc. Eat after the seasons and local and you will have food. There are so many healthy winter crops, every season has its "pearls" to look forward to. passion 4 churchorgans, science, engineering, architecture, art, polyglot, literature, manuscripts, nature, old & rare vegetables. Love Nature, be part of it💚
awr4645 Béal Feirste, NI 🇮🇪🇬🇧 @RoisinDubh_ @chrisadonnelly Him being pessimistic about whether he and his fellow PIRA members will live to see a united Ireland doesn't mean he doesn't support one. 28. Irish (Northern Irish). History and Philosophy graduate. Pro-reason, anti-dogma. Secular humanism. Animal rights. Anti-IRA/UVF/INLA/UDA/etc
topcsjobs FIND A CS JOB NOW 👉 Datadog - Enterprise Customer Success Manager As an Enterprise Customer Success Manager, you will proactively drive new product attachment and effective strong relationships across our largest and most strategic customers. Daily customer success jobs - by @hakanozturkhq #customersuccess
NIChamber 40 Linenhall Street, Belfast .@NIChamber comments on today’s written statement by Northern Ireland Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris: "...this budget will pose significant difficulties for our economy both now and in the future..." Read more: A Globally Connected Network Powered by Businesses Across Northern Ireland.
tyrconnal Donegal Whose nephew will get the contract (and then sub contract it out) for this peach, which will of course go way over budget? The same guy who did all the defective motorway signs? Donegal Voted NO! Donegal Separatist. I want nothing more than a stable homogenous homeland for my people. Not Racist. My race is NOT superior to any other.
JFCUANNOYME Washington, DC @michellewittho1 Is Micki ok w/ Suzzane’s theory, Ashlii is alive? Micki and Suzzane will sacrifice their dignity/loyalty /integrity for the grift. Now they won’t sacrifice money as we saw w/ Randy “where’s the ramen”Ireland. A Nazi Providing $$ to Nazi Corner, they welcome you! 🐀 🖤 #evictnazicorner 🐀
SamSamsuzuki22 @StephenFarryMP @allianceparty When will the Northern Ireland public see this wonderful piece of fiction. If it is your usual bile it will read like Please Mr. HH can we have more.Look at the foolish money wasting projects you have supported and you should see your parties competence in financial matters.
Shellmccabe Ireland @PJkelly66 a new Ireland where all values & traditions will be accommodated and equally respected ...., not like that.. or that 🙄 Made in Belfast, chilling in Donegal #AbortionIsHealthcare #noexceptions Inclusive Feminist/🐶 Butler/She-Her/RT≠endors
JamesLi66730274 @Spotlight_Abby If China comes tomorrow name you CHICHON you will be claiming CHICHON. The name Nigeria its given to us by fredrick lugard girl friend we aren't Nigerians. British who created ONE NIGERIA SCAM have four NATIONS. ENGLAND WALES SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND WHY NOT ONE BRITAIN I understand others people feelings. I am in the world but not of the world
irishtimesvideo ► VIDEO: We take a look at the Dolphin and the Seal, all-electric cars from Chinese brand BYD, that will soon be on sale in Ireland @IrishTimesVideo is The @IrishTimes' journalism as seen through the cameras of our video teams
kentuckyguard Kentucky New faces of KYARNG – PFC Ireland Harvey, 18, from Mayfield, Ky., recently completed her Basic Training and initial Army training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. She will be a military policeman (31B) joining the 438th Military Police Company, 149 MEB. #knowyourmil Official feed of the Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office. (Following, likes, and RTs do not=endorsement)
ze_James_ Alberta, Canada @MichaelGWeaver @sarahlmull82 @RobertKennedyJr @ChildrensHD I would definitely help Sarah Lewis Mulligan, in her campaign I know she is a very excellent choice and truly believe the people of Ireland will want to get behind and support her 👍❤ 2 Corinthians 13: 11 Be perfect, be of good comfort, Be of one mind, live in peace; And the god of love and peace shall be with you
FishStuffinfo @NicolekeohaneM @ShaneMcAuliffe1 @MacranaFeirme @yfg Why does @MacranaFeirme think marching for the continued assault on biodiversity serves rural Ireland as a whole (which it certainly does not) and not just farmers who serve to benefit financially from more of the same old destruction and subsidies while others will suffer???
debatuin Dublin - Ireland The way journalism works here in Ireland, by the end of the week ‘journalists’ will be claiming that it was the Russians that caused Troy and English to resign. Here comes the Irish version of “Reds Under the Bed”! HACKER, CRACKER, PADDYWACKER
goodtaxtakes United States @danieldbunn That’s right. QDMTT will be another windfall for Ireland, and further loss for the US, with or without per country GILTI. Not smart tax policy from the US to cede this tax base. “Taxsplainer”. Views are strictly my own.
SLIS_Ireland Deaf Village Ireland, Cabra Please drop in and learn more about how our services work and how we can support you. Bring your phone or laptop if you would like to learn how to use IRIS. We hope to see you there. Don't worry if you can't attend in person, this event will also run online. SLIS is the national Sign Language Interpreting Service for Ireland. Established in 2007, supported and funded through Citizens Information Board @citizensinfo