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EUROMILeurope Europe Ireland takes over pan-European human rights body presidency. Will Ireland during its Presidency, finally implement the outcome of case 112/2014 EUROMIL v. Ireland and grant trade union rights by affiliation to the @irishcongress to military personnel? European Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions for the Citizens and Workers in Uniform! #HumanRights #FundamentalFreedoms #WorkersInUniform
NIrelandUK Northern Ireland, UK @nealerichmond The EU are moving towards full political Union with the EU State having control over taxation and foreign policy and member states losing any veto. Will Ireland support this? Northern Ireland's place is in the United Kingdom.
KennysKids Ireland The bossman, Gavin Bazunu and Dara O'Shea will all be on the Late Late Show tomorrow night as will Ireland women's manager Vera Pauw and WNT stars Chloe Mustaki and Jess Stapleton 🇮🇪 #COYBIG Tracking and promoting all Irish players both home and abroad as we enter a new era of Irish Football 🇮🇪⚽️🔥 #COYBIG | @RonanCalvert | @PunditArena
MaryMacRory Ireland When will Ireland ever learn? The nuns might be gone from the hospital but they are mere foot soldiers. The VATICAN still own the land. and they don’t rate women, their health or their right to choose. Nothing learned then. National Maternity Hospital my foot??!! Well done you 2. Improving quality of Working Women's lives by business coaching (Accountant)& life coaching. Author, writer & love Nature. #marymacrory
FrankMcCann2 Manchester, England Thank goodness Mayor Khan plans to legalise cannabis. People like Nick would be able to get stoned legally and reminisce about the time we were members of a Cartel that bullied any country that didn't bend to it's will. Ireland, Greece, Italy, Poland and others have suffered Conservative consistently through good and bad times. Can't stand woke. Labour are toast. GBNews is as bad as the BBC 🇬🇧
DowlerMarie Dublin City, Ireland @Ogra_SF @EireNeutral Over my dead body will Ireland join NATO, I'll go on hunger strike and chain myself to the railings in Kildare st first. human rights activist. anti apartheid, anti colonisation. environmentalist.
lally_carey Ealing, London @Independent @JohnRentoul Why is there no border between the EU and UK in Ireland? Isn’t that what Brexit was all about? When will Ireland be reunified? musician, producer, educator...been there, done that but never without not entertain racists of any flavour...
miroslavtok Manhattan Poland stands up to American progressive tyrants and imperialists. Will Ireland which benefits enormously from its competitive taxes stand against the global imperialists too? Independent 🇺🇸MAGA.Conservative Polish-American. Harvard Law grad. Investor in Capital Markets &Commercial RE. Interests in history,music, literature.
FieryRedXIII USA @nullv0idguy @Dogzallez @MegMadison13 @itsJeffTiedrich Canada won't let most US citizens in. Nor will Ireland and much of the EU Christian Constitutional Conservative. Ginger, drummer, intellectual who wears his heart on his sleeve. Former EMT.
patriceharr Dublin What will Ireland be like in 2122 when our recent #census2022 time capsules are released? Will there be a united Ireland? Will we still speak Irish? Will robots have feelings? 12 experts talk about space, transport, geography, medicine, race and more. Communications @UCDDiscovery | Discovery Podcast producer | Freelance journalist @ Sunday Independent Life magazine, @Independent_ie
Doyl3r181 Ireland @LeoVaradkar @MichealMartinTD @HMcEntee when will ireland cop on and legalise this plant, I've used it myself for cancer, I use it on my father who has terminal cancer, it works wonders Legal Executive/ Doyle Designs
eoin The Hague, The Netherlands @NaomiOhReally Will Ireland and the EU stop trading with illegal settlements now? It’s what Int’l law requires, shouldn’t be controversial. What’s holding them up? Campaigner @SumOfUs ~ Previously @Greenpeace ~ Dad ~ Geek
Jammo92245003 @Femi_Sorry The UK won't create a border - and neither will Ireland The EU is upset about this. So they pay assorted creeps and weirdos like Femi to push the idea that it's the UK's fault. Practising to be a Twitter Blue Check by being your moral superior and acting like an expert in every subject. I will make it one day...
Eimie01 Ireland okay so NOW will ireland listen to me when i say we need to go back to our roots and enter a trad-inspired performance as gaeilge #Eurovision 23 | 🇮🇪 | she/her | 🎨: @_ealaiontoir
bluezharp Sweden, Stockholm #Jazz and #blues musician Robben Ford London, 2015. 🎶'New Blues & Maze' w/ Miles Davis Photo by Will Ireland #LarkinPoe #Blues #live #music #harmonica #bluesharp #roots #jazz #acoustic #guitar #harmonicaplayer #bluesmusic #lapsteel #dobro #bluesrock #SRV #Jimi #Eric
LeannanSaoirse Galway @christinafinn8 Again, why will Ireland not encourage the building of quality, tiny houses on 99-year lease land for first time home owners, singletons and elderly people downsizing? The costs can be a fraction of council-approved housing. Freelance Writer, healthtech designer; proponent of Design Empathy above Design Thinking. Content provider, global traveler. Eireannach.
wlrfm Waterford, Ireland LISTEN: Will Ireland ever win the Eurovision again? Do Waterford people still watch it? @damienwlr discussed this and more on #deisetoday 🎧⬇ Ireland's IMRO Local Radio Station of the Year 2019, 2020 & 2021🏆 Text 083 3333975 or call 051 872248 🎙 Download the new WLR app 📱
gmcchlery London @MauriceOLeary1 @jasonomahony @cadhain_tim Hardly pathetic. Besides it’s growing all the time and will Ireland take in more than 28,000? There’s no set number that has to be allocated per country. People go where they can. I bet you thought UK had taken less than Ireland. In a month we may well have 350k. Is this where I virtue signal? Former actor, looking for a country to lead.
TJH19571 @PaddyShanks How, and please be accurate and precise in your response, will Ireland be the main sufferers if you [not EU] start a trade war through breaching an international agreement? Irish Nationalist: Bunreacht na h-Éireann adherent & advocate; Sound on the Irish Question- was blocked by Barbara J. Pym; Éire Abú 's go Deo. 🇮🇪🇪🇺🇮🇪
JamesSpackman Berkshire @Andy_Scollick @rte When will Ireland, Austria and Switzerland stop taking a free ride on the security coattails of NATO? Where is the solidarity? Connecting tweets; connecting ideas; connecting people. Discussion and disagreement welcome.
elainovision Scotland Semi Final 2 day. This one was always going to be jubilation and devastation. I'm not worried for the loveable Czech dorks anymore, and Sweden's Sweden, but I'm nervous for the other songs from today I hold a torch for. Did the juries get Serbia? Will Ireland do a Croatia 2021? HEY HO LET'S GO! UK/DE Eurovision fan since 2003. @ESCInsight. Responsible for Disco Serhat in 2016. Allora.
RussellThen @jcardin @kloppotheclown @ulsterfacts @nealerichmond @MarosSefcovic The UK will not erect a hard border between NI and ROI. Neither will Ireland if the EU insist on it you may take it up with the EU
PadraigSagart Áth Cliath Dublin 21st century Ireland and her ethics Newborn babies into the future and what about the other babies? the unmentionable, those subject to 21st century "legally permissible procedures"? Will Ireland really have advanced by their silent erasing from existence? Peacach, Gael, Sagart, Traveller on life's pilgrimage seeking the kingdom of God aiming to do some good for people on the road
apmassaro3 Washington, DC Soon, the only EU member states not in NATO will be Ireland, Austria, Malta, and Cyprus. So, practically all of the EU will also be NATO Foreign policy guy | Dictatorship, sanctions, corruption, illicit finance | Europe, Russia, China, Eurasia | Human rights, democracy, rule of law | Views my own
gallardo_ortega London The United States Congress "cannot and will not support a bilateral free trade agreement" with the U.K. if it undermines the post-Brexit Northern Ireland protocol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned. Reporter at @POLITICOEurope, covering UK foreign policy / UK-EU / Spain. Ex @ResFortnight & @EFEnoticias. Wrote for @El_Pais. Tips:
rtenews Ireland The European Union's ambassador to the UK warned that Brussels will not change its mandate and reopen negotiations on the Northern Ireland Protocol. RTÉ News and Current Affairs - Irish and International News
Geddyfpl Belfast, Northern Ireland #NewProfilePic todays theme fav golfer i will go with rory frm northern ireland What a legend and started well this week in pga championship @ged128 @McGregor93 @quackingday3597 @danliv9 @theonlyspursfan @Joeafc8 @parkj794 man utd ⚽️🇾🇪🍺🍻 love FPL first season finished 38k 🌏 2020/2021
paulmurphy68 North Belfast @weepee11 A minority of No Surrender unionist bigots in the North of Ireland versus the money people in Washington and most of us here. Self deluded willful denial won't save them. Reality will give them a sore kick in the balls. From Old Ardoyne, nuff said!
AngelDarkmoore uk @Roz5821 @CatharineHoey Good for Ireland warning us that things would change. Everyone knew it. The Uk will not put up a border and to protect the SM and UKM to the best it can. The EU however wants NI to stay within it's domain of control. Question everything, Read some books, google wisely and man has landed on the moon.
longfordtouris1 Longford Have your say in Waterways Ireland visitor plan for Clondra & Tarmonbarry. 🗣 Survey closes 1st June and only takes 5 minutes, your feedback is confidential and will be appreciated in helping to develop the plan. #longford #irelandshiddenheartlands Longford, an anglers paradise & home to Center Parcs Longford Forest, Ireland’s largest tourist attraction.
JimWall84 London, England @Hawkeye_74 @CompoundIncome @A1Mhigh Well .. as an Irishman I am biased but the Clinton role is bringing peace was a real success. To be fair Major and Blair were very influential too it must be said. All I’m saying is any move to bring in a border in Ireland will provoke a very strong reaction there .. Carlovian in London. Assume I'm long all stocks mentioned. None of this is advice.
AjayRedonkulus Northern Ireland @couchman_mark @PatrickGaffey2 @Barnesy_EB @DebateOnFacts @simoncoveney @trussliz It's hilarious to watch people try to pretend the US isn't one of the biggest investors in both the UK and Ireland, and it's threat of not bilateral deal will have an effect. Afghanistan has nothing to do with it. 😂 It's sad how quickly people try to rewrite history. Northern Irish. Comedy and Horror fanatic. Optimistic pessimist.
DDIFreeman There are close to 700k vehicles in Dublin. Dublin also has the best - and only meaningful - public transport system in Ireland. Ban car ownership for Dubs and the roads will be near empty almost overnight. 私の世界を揺るがした
Outofleftfield9 Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @ArchRose90 We STILL have a PM who misled the House and who breaches Ministerial Code at will. At a time when he wants to be trusted with things like peace on the island of Ireland, it matters that he simply cannot be trusted. Tired of the gaslighting and dishonesty of the UK government, and of the complicit media.
IRAAL_Ireland Ireland The IRAAL Committee would like to thank all those who took part in our recent survey - your feedback will help shape our future events and initiatives 👏 Cumann na Teangeolaíochta Feidhmí in Éirinn - Ireland's professional association of scholars interested in applied linguistics. Our journal is @TeangaJournal
CCMA_Ireland Dublin, Ireland We want to thank everyone who attended our annual conference yesterday! And especially our sponsors for their support as we held the conference in-person for the first time in 2 years! Recording will be available soon on the events page here: #ccmasummit The CCMA is the leading industry association for the promotion and development of the customer service industry in Ireland.
SligoCycling Sligo, Ireland @Marie_Casserly @sligococo @RaffCretaro @SSRPSligo @aislingmdunne @SwiftJoan @Sligo @SafeCyclingEire @ed_sligo @SligoChampion @sligotourism @Failte_Ireland Marie you might need to clarify 'free floating' as it may engender visions of bikes abandoned all over the place creating a trip hazard. Our understanding is #Bolt bikes will use regular bike stands and dedicated geofenced parking areas? Sligo Cycling Campaign's vision for cycling in Sligo is #CyclingForAll. We want Sligo to become cycle, walking & wheeling friendly for all ages & abilities.
irlembbudapest Budapest During our six-month @coe presidency we will raise our voice and reaffirm the ‘Conscience of Europe’ More info 👉 #CoEPresIRL @IrishRepCoE News from the Embassy of Ireland, Budapest
RyanSheehan92 Reading Found my 🇮🇪 flag and will be cheering for the Irish contingent @stephenhunt1010, @KevinDoyle1983, @GrahamStack1 & Jay Tabb in tomorrow's game from the Sir John Madejski stand. Did you know Sir Steve was once offered the Republic of Ireland job, alongside managing #readingfc ⚽ Views are my own!👔Housing & Communities Sector 🏠. @CIHhousing Member.👮@BTP Police Volunteer. 💻Media Lead @readingcityfc & @proudroyals. 🏳️‍🌈👬🏻.🇮🇪🇬🇧.
PatrickGaffey2 Loughrea @castleanthrax1 @Barnesy_EB @DebateOnFacts @simoncoveney @trussliz It’s not insisting on a border but uk are making dam sure that there will be a border but not at the Irish Sea so they don’t mind putting it into north and south of Ireland. Since Uk left the single markedly there has to be a border somewhere My name is Paddy
aendubh Ireland @Alikieb1 @moneillsf @NicolaSturgeon In the name of God will you think before you speak. Your overlords, the English have been meddling in the affairs of Ireland and the rest of the world for centuries . Both these politician are the among the most rated in Europe.
CorkBuachaill Not Cork @DDIFreeman @Roz5821 @CatharineHoey On the island of Ireland but then the GFA is probably at even greater risk than it is now and the Union will also be at risk without the NIP #FBPE 🇪🇺
HeadTheBall1922 Eastern Ireland @BT927PP @simoncoveney @trussliz Ireland is the EU. Little Britain will be crippled by EU and US sanctions. European Unionist 🇪🇺
Suzieq2021 @fdcsticks It’s now bloody pouring down. What do they say if you don’t like the weather in Ireland just wait five minutes and the next season will arrive wife to 1 mother to 3. lover of gin and wine but not together. that’s another story. survivor of cancer currently fighting cancer. all views my own. NO DM’s
Corkmensbball On Saturday at 3.45pm and 5.30pm @Parochial_Hall the Ireland Men's Under 17 Basketball team will play two friendlies against the cream of Cork Super/National League with Irish senior internationals on display including Kyle Hosford, Adrian O' Sullivan, Roy Downey and more.
basketballscot Scotland The action is coming thick and fast this May😀 u15, u16, u17 & u18 male players from the National Academy will play 7 games against teams from Wales and Ireland. 🎟️ Free. Just bring your drum and best singing voice 📍 Dundee Regional Performance Centre 📅 27th - 29th May basketballscotland is the National Governing Body for the sport of 🏀 in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #basketballscotland75 #ChangingTheGame #ItsHerGame
het_ireland Dublin City, Ireland On 1 June, Stolpersteine will be unveiled in memory of six Irish-born victims of the Holocaust. Among these are Ettie Steinberg, her husband Wojteck and their baby son Leon. You can find more information about the Stolpersteine ceremony here - A non-profit charity working to combat prejudice through education. Click follow for updates on our work and Holocaust history.
DegenerateGrace In a world of my own @BarbaraByar Hell, I'm afraid. I do go on about it but a dictatorship is in place in England and is being secured further as the days go by. If there is another GE it will be a sham. Seriously thinking about moving back to Ireland even though I've been here since I was three. Catching Sparks From Other People's Lives.
AndrewEQuinn Derry, Northern Ireland @darrengrimes_ Dear Great Britain, Darren Grimes is, and it will come as no surprise, wrong again. The people of Northern Ireland elected a majority of MLAs to the Assembly who all accept the need for the NI Protocol. The reason why the UK government is behaving the way it is is because the Irish journalist & UK Audience Editor for @NationalWorld’s seven Metro World titles. Movies; F1; #ForzaFerrari; politics; music with my girls and podcasts.