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Romemagnet @FamedCelebrity @dpinsen Idiocy. The Progressive Era was brutal on Italian and East European immigrants requiring assimilation—however, the positive result was full equality. The Irish will learn the foolishness of putting the burden on the native population. Has anyone seen a good play recently?
_DigitalPanda_ @rtenews I bet it wont be housing accommodation like the the govs new Ukrainian friends are getting, the Irish will be probably throw into a temp room with 20 other people and the kicked out the next morning Cybersecurity Analyst, Threat Researcher.
JohnJo91122884 @MaryLouMcDonald Housing 800 in a former school stand up and speak ? We the Irish will not be fooled it is not ur flag tricolour how dare u it is our flag as an Irish citizen
yooprJack Hubbell, MI @FoxNews Does this mean, relatives of Chinese and Irish will also get reparations? How about the indentured slaves that were primarily poor white people that couldn't pay their debts? Office furniture expert, kayak fisherman, outdoor adventurist, husband, son, uncle, volunteer
JavierH24710340 San Diego, CA @LiamGaudetIT @marceljones27 @Dasan2022 Come join your Father and be Irish. Notre Dame needs a LB of your physicality that can play on the EDGE! You fill a need the Irish will have with Foskey leaving!! Sports Fan of My Teams: NY Yankees, NY Giants, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Real Madrid!! Love cooking… I’m a FOODIE!! New Yorker and US NAVY CHIEF!!
CorkyBlake Easton, Pa. .@oliviamiles06 who is from Phillipsburg and played at Blair Academy, and the Fighting Irish will be playing at Lafayette on Thursday at 6 p.m. What a great opportunity to see one of the best players in the country in a homecoming game. Freelance writer, 40+ years as sports writer/editor for daily newspapers. Hang out with grandsons during the day.
NOTREDAMENO1 South Bend, IN #ND #FightingIrish It’s South Carolina and the Gator Bowl for Notre Dame Fighting Irish updates from South Bend! #FightingIrish
JoeyWade84 Vickery, OH @SpotterBrett Gonna be tricky for Vegas with ND’s quarterback skipping the bowl and entering the transfer portal. But I’d imagine somewhere in the neighborhood of ND -5 and an o/u around 62. Irish will get the brand respect Lover of sports. Owner of dogs. Husband of Leah.
Alakazam_428 Pennsylvania, USA Not only do bowls and cities want Notre Dame, so will the television broadcasts. FOX has the Holiday Bowl. ESPN has the Gator Bowl. Even at 8-4, the Irish will rate well. Sports broadcaster. Dr Pepper drinker. All opinions are my own. They're always right unless they're wrong. Don't question the mentality. My DM is always open.
The_Showman_14 @HorsemenPod Join the B1G and maybe the Irish will have a chance at this again. University of Michigan Alum| Wolverine 🏈 szn 〽️| Detroit Tigers | MLB The Show 1x World Series Athlete|
Winter5In @PaschalSheehy @rtenews For 800 years generation after generation of Irish people resisted foreign occupation, plantation, starvation and religious persecution. Now the Irish will be swept aside, replaced and if they resist called racists and fascists? BRRRRRRR! crap it's cold!
AbArkle71 @carlirish12 @jreno223 @racingblogger Having watched NH racing for many years including watching Dawn Run win a CH and Gold Cup it's not all about Constitution Hill anything can happen up to March but I know one thing the Irish will be there or there about 😁🍀☘️ Loved living in The Bronx. Big fan of NH Racing & Rugby League. I love my black brothers and sisters
StiofanOD Sasana, ar an drochuair. @CosiDoerfel It is. However Jim can be hilarious when he gets going on something he can’t stand, anything Irish will do, especially our language. He pulls this face and his voice goes funny. He gets some stick for it. Dark humoured Irishman, occasional lampie and avid motorcyclist.
LasseBets back to back games. The former Irish will run about 81% of his routes against Jaire Alexander (55.8% catch rate, 68.2 passer rating) and Rasul Douglas (70.5% catch rate, 104.5 passer rating). Love it down to 1.7 German NFL & College Football Enthusiast not a professional tipster | 1-3 Units Betting | Always gamble responsibly | DM‘s always open for questions
damanda835 Greater Boston @washingtonpost So the Italians, Portuguese, and Irish will benefit? That's great. 🙄 🚺 📝🍽♍♀️🇭🇹🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 A bi Virgo who likes food & music. 🍲🎶 #washyobutt
QuigleyPeter Armagh @LOCthedreamer1 All part of the plan, the wokists went into the universities early and now they have a pretentious woke bitch army, but real Irish will eventually stand up, see carlinford and what disappoints me is the men are hiding and it seems to be women taking the fight up
bluenbo Ireland @beillnurke @mad4it2 @irishexaminer Wake up. At current rates of immigration and birth the indigenous Irish will soon be outnumbered by immigrants and Ireland will no longer be Irish. Soon after that, unless there is an increase in native Irish births, the Irish will soon be no more. On the political spectrum I register left of centre both fiscally and socially but the Left has moved so far left that I am considered far Right.
FalconsRugby Kingston Park, Newcastle, UK 20) Carreras belies his diminutive stature to beat Loader to a high ball at his own in-goal, but we come back for no-advantage and Irish will kick a penalty at goal from 10m out in front. Official Twitter account of Newcastle Falcons, North East England’s only Gallagher Premiership rugby union club.
Donal08751419 Ireland @HyperbolicDub Irish will decide not EU, Ursalas 500m bribes to irish govt and hotels etc, not UN etc.. If u love fakugees many from diametrically opposed cultures anti gay anti women etc... U can but YOU wont decide Open to everything attached to nothing
iarlaithbigja co doire @Elle98759673 @JamieOHallo108 It's always typical, Irish will always help non Irish, and take Irish people for granted, paranoid as fork living sober is hard enough, then add Twitter 🙈
candy43759291 @Justice_forum The Irish will mean business and good for them!!! NHS Healthcare Professional Love my family and my country. Hate Injustice and Evil. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Mupper41 The Banner,Ireland EU 🇮🇪🇪🇺 @dohville I wonder what the feeling in certain quarters who refer to us as "Freestaters" etc and somehow less Irish, will react if we vote overwhelmingly for, while NI votes against... Will that be our fault for some reason... The great truth is there isn't one And it only gets worse since that conclusion #NAFO
Annamaria4711 Milky Way galaxy @NileGardiner She’s disgusting and I hope the Irish will also tell her so. Knowledge is Power and May the Force Be with You! Ardent Brexiteer due to deep insights of the EU and its Maffia gravy train. Abhor laziness and incompetence.
xxxDreaxxxx @mar2vickers @MarvinSmith2000 @rascallycake And Irish will talk about where the name originated from in IRELAND ...not have someone give the third degree on where they blew in from . one section of community would be very pissed of if you suggested they didn't belong and then kept on and on . Insisting they weren't woman-Adult human female #WomansRightsAreHumanRights
RBMcCarthy3 @SeanPer24126642 @RishiSunak Hypocrisy Rishi call for a general election and do the country a favour, your party so far has really done a hatchet job on this nation, Brexit etc ,it’s no wonder our neighbours in Scotland want to leave us The Welsh and Irish will be next! You lot live in the past!!! Born in the sixties ( where’s my hover board!)
CarmelKane5 @Michael85013764 @greenshame Well the illegal Irish will work and not fake documents and lie,lie and lie. Genuine
notbot08579930 @dpyne10 @NDFootball Best of luck, Drew. The Irish will miss your grit, drive and leadership.
KevinOc18186368 @lapatina_ @messageheard @KyivIndependent The British and Irish will always support Ukraine. We know what it takes to win a war and with us on your side we will help the brave Ukrainians to defeat the barbaric Russians
thomassouthwo11 @MrSnaplegs @HGWellsHouse I suspect that the royal Irish will not form their own BG, but their new role is to bring something new to the para and Gurkha BGs (I do not really understand “light strike”). They may simply be a light cav unit.
truckeroily @noshyteplease @Independent_ie Revolution time or we move over to the Ukraine in one there fancy big cars and see what the Irish will get Small
BigRodVTX @LangkaMuaythai @djse55 @chhcalling Not the British, you wait and see the change coming to the south in the coming years the Irish will be in the minority in their own country and the dreams of an United Ireland will have dissolved. Gifted with dyslexia the gift that lets you see the bigger picture,and think outside the box and see through bullcrap,my views are my own.
D_Georgino Los Angeles, CA DREW PYNE well done sir! You did a very good job for our Irish this year. He rode the ship, stayed loyal, remained positive and fierce, and despite what anybody says, he made some big plays for us this year. 8-2 as the starter. I expect my Irish will land Brennan? CPA, risk consultant in Los Angeles. Go LMU Lions. Go ND Fighting Irish. Instagram: dgeorge_nd
RuralConserv United Kingdom @SimonGuy64 @SpitfireTheDog If White British continue to allow their majority status to slip away in a multicultural country which makes no effort to assimilate minority cultures, then Britain as the land of the English, Welsh Scots and Irish will seek to exist as we know it. #SpeakTheTruth The #RCM: True conservatism; rural heritage; Christianity, simpler way of life. Tweets mainly from Leader Robert J Davies @rjdavies7
NDrecruiting01 Illinois, USA Notre Dame’s 2023 class is going to shake up some position rooms. A lot of very talented players, who have the skill to play right away coming in for the Irish. Will be interesting who stands out in spring and summer before we get to fall camp. The Publisher of The IrishCast, covering all things Notre Dame Athletics, especially football and football recruiting.
JamesABarrett2 Somewhere South Of Midnight. @disclosetv One only has to look at the commonwealth countries,the test sites,to see what the Establishment intends to roll out in the rest of Britain,but when push comes to shove,The Welsh,Scots and Irish,will not comply with the English,ever. Pleiadian Triluminary.
tom_takats @tjawls @AwlsBraden Awesome! Congrats to the Fighting Irish! Will miss watching #2, he’s a freak! But look forward to following him in the midnight blue and gold!
Pat1211212 wicklow ireland @EamonRyan FFG/GRNS Be well voted out and gone by then and the irish will take there country back!! Clear Irelands Swamp Rid of Corruption, Rid of EU, Stop Golden pensions, Take our country back!
Margare27461789 @EoinPoil And if anyone thinks the new Irish will pay into the pot to take care of the elderly ...I don't think so. Interested in world affairs and the general well being of humankind not remotely interested in moaning and negative thoughts and feelings.
MarkAKunz Somewhere in Ohio (probably) Facing 4th and 7, under 1:00 to go, Irish will punt Sports Journalist for BCSN covering HS Sports, Ohio State Buckeyes football and more, loves sports and history, proud #OhioU grad
TwomeyMaeve @joebtipp @realLangerDan @EoinBearla Blithe is Anglo-Norman; Strongbow’s mercenaries. Not the real Irish. Will he go back to France and let the Ashkenazim who fled the invasion home? 🐅
mgoul Cleveland, OH Getting set for the #OHSAA Division II state championship: Archbishop Hoban (14-1) vs. Toledo Central Catholic (14-1). Hoban wins the toss and defers. Fighting Irish will get the ball first. Sports reporter for @clevelanddotcom, covering HS basketball, football and general assignments. Email
Uptotherewithit North West England Boston's full of 3rd-4th generation Irish. Will and Kate should not have gone there. The lady who's says she was racially insulted by an 83yr old Lady in Waiting had links to BLM so shouldn't have had access to the Royals. The King should stick to never complain, never explain. Catholic School toughened me up * Worked in Germany, Sweden, Holland & U.S. * Married * Brexit * Free speech * Patriot * On Gab & GETTR with same name 🇬🇧
NormSnyder10 Canton, OH @HobanAthletics It ends tonight Hoban. Your fraud season ends because you will play a team with a pulse. The Great 4 Time State Champion Toledo Central Catholic Fighting Irish will show no mercy, and add another ring. At least the bus ride home won't be too long. #IrishByABillion #IrishOnTop Biomedical Engineer | Bama Alum | Proud Father to 3 daughters and 1 adopted son | NW Ohio HS Football Fan | CFB Lover | 3 Year FB Letterman
NormSnyder10 Canton, OH @ToledoCCHS_FB @HobanKnights @OHSAASports The time has come. The Red Wave will storm into Canton and end it the right way, as winners. The Irish will claim state title number 5 and cement the 2022 season for years to come. Akron knows what's coming and still won't be able to stop it. #IrishByABillion #IrishOnTop #RedWave Biomedical Engineer | Bama Alum | Proud Father to 3 daughters and 1 adopted son | NW Ohio HS Football Fan | CFB Lover | 3 Year FB Letterman
Narthex777 @EoinBearla The information you provide is helpful. If indeed there are families with children and some single females then the Irish will be more than welcoming and kind hearted. The issue of an unlimited migrant working age all male group cannot continue.
ZaynafamilyMary @noble_rightfoot @Refusenik69 @Dengiehammer @FabrizioRomano @footballdaily @_DeclanRice No I still love him to bits he’s been with us 10 years man and boy I’m just finding it very difficult to fathom why at this point he decided to go about his business this way in Qatar. Im sure the Irish will be loving it mind 😂 West Ham United ⚒ Compassion and respect for Animals, Blue Sky and Fluffy Clouds.
Daniel_Finnan Paris, France In case you wondered what side the Irish will support if England and France eventually meet in the World Cup knockout stages 😆 Former journalist. Views my own, RTs not an endorsement. DMs open.
parkerandtheman Detroit/Las Vegas/LA You know who would love tonight's #MSU #NotreDame hoop matchup? JUD HEATHCOTE! I hosted Jud's TV coaches' show for years. To him, the #Irish will always be the school he beat in Indy 1979 to send Magic and co. to the #FinalFour in SLC, Utah. Digger Phelps... thank u very much! Radio/TV dudes, podcasts, Rob Parker in LA on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Radio. Mark Wilson in Las Vegas. Both formerly Detroit. WJBK Fox 2, WDIV, 97.1, WDFN
AGeorge70 @IrishUnity And so we can’t move on. The Irish will always be fighting. Nobody
fairyfisher16 End of the rainbow @MichealMartinTD Yes we have been watching you and your cronies for months and you are anti Irish. Will you proud of your little self when you make the history books as Irelands biggest GOM ? All things Housewives, all things Royal. YNWA ❤ JFT97