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PhilRichards82 Wales, United Kingdom @WayneLe75524683 @AtTheRaces @V_Binnie_Ryle @BarryJGeraghty @RacingTrends Red hot race Lewie and it's so hard to judge how good these novices could be as they're all unexposed and nowhere near the ceiling of their aability. My gut feeling is one of the Irish will be too good for us as usual but no doubt Jonbon and Constitution Hill have big potential. They're under starters orders | True perfection has to be imperfect | Way down by the sea | Hooky Street
Lauretz3 crapish Isles, #stoprawsewage @br_nning Many Scots and Irish will be grateful to Johnson as he's singlehandedly moved Scotland to independence and Ireland to unity. Lover of books, beer, Arvo Pärt and footy. EFC. UB4ST. Crocs 'n' socks influencer. Two things I will never understand, fish, women and mathematics. TORIES OUT.
Tildaraine17 @d_mc_cullough @JoeBrolly1993 Yeah Those of us who feel British will fight the British to be British and those of us who feel Irish will fight the Irish to be Irish
FontaineSawyer @Independent_ie And the Irish will bitch, whinge, and do absolutely nothing once again Gamer Veteran
william_haggis Romford, London @Obohobofromnobo @wobski421 @GeoffBarton9 @Rayjudd7 @bazcarter15 @Peter14306722 @Swen_2017 @stevedeg1 @just2sayin @Sky48115666 @leftstance @PLANET_ZOMBIE @NativeBanter @bromhome @IainColledge @john30296891 @Edwardaardvark @long_friday @suastusa @CredaCreda @Don_LImmortale @of_flocks @CharenteMec @jbm751121 @terriblysilly22 @chantypo_71 @JackDaw68083738 @gtmag10 @harvman25 @NewforestStock @from_hackney @Peter12587384 @amphibbarr @etxberria55 @AngryJeff2 @Ladywhi89378290 @NickKen99156276 @ScootTheHoot1 @AodhRuairi @Bu3tergonads @BMcfitzy @Elainemca2001 @SherdyMe @FalseFlag32 @niallerc @lars_ly @Bellagio_bound @vicksbrowne @graham669 @Anatadaephobia I think the Irish will have to do something if Johnson tells Ireland to fork off and say no poll. Remember we are inching closer and closer to a dictatorship with Johnson desperately clinging onto power. (All views are my own personal views) Not afraid to tell things how it is. #Politics #StraightTalking
GardenNan Pennsylvania, USA @blobstar7 Grey if you’re in England Gray if you’re in America The Scotts and Irish will do as they please Dreamer, bfa artist, fixer of houses, potter, gardener, herbalist, beekeeper, chicken mom, nan, feminist 🫐🦋🪴🐝tiktok and insta = @garden_nan NO DMs
SportsbeatAM Mishawaka, Indiana If #NotreDame wins at Ohio State tonight and Michigan loses at home to Penn State.. The Irish will end the weekend in 1st place in the Big Ten Conference Host WSBT Radio's Sportsbeat AM, Notre Dame hockey play-by-play. Central Illinois Native. SIUE + KMOX Radio Grad. Go Cardinals, Broncos, NHL Bruins, Illini
NDmbbSID Notre Dame, IN For those with an eye on the weather on the east coast and how it affects @NDmbb - Irish will bus up to D.C. tonight after the game in Blacksburg tonight in an effort to beat the weather to the DMV. ND at Virginia Tech 6 p.m. ET - ACC Network Athletic communications team for Notre Dame Men’s Basketball.
joleary2262 Cork, Ireland @1888Cork That’s fantastic Liam great to see and hear , god bless the Palestinian ppl we Irish will always stand with Palestine 🇮🇪🇵🇸 Celtic fan , proud irish republican, big supporter of Palestine 🇮🇪🇵🇸
norry_a Dublin City, Ireland @PeterOR99087630 @thelastowl @RoryLarmer I’ve no issue, why are you still peddling lies that the suspect is a Syrian refugee? Because it fits your agenda that foreigners=bad, Irish=good? And if it turns out the suspect is Irish will that change your views one iota? Of course not 🙄
STVM_Wrestling Akron, OH Christian Osborne wins at 106#. Patrick Witschey loses 4-2 at 113#. Irish will ff 120 and 126 today. Info, scores, news for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School wrestling team
DaveBowman4564 Scotland, United Kingdom @richardtgarland @billyni99933742 Five hundred years from now the Irish will still be basking in self-pity and whining to anyone who’ll listen. Proud British Scot. Unionist. Buy British. No wokery, no leftists, no BLM garbage, no climate hysteria, no bleeding hearts for EU or Palestine. Sturgeon stinks.
P____70 Twat Station @calexico65 I might chance one more round of space re-engineering.... Jazz/Soul/Blues/Irish will take 20-30 more, and that's it wedged. Rock/Everything else, maybe room for 20 more. CD situation, side stacking hell. Box set "wing" full, with 20 on the ground. The situation is grim, Jim. prog rock pond scum set to bum you out
j64107702 @NaoiseDolan The way you Irish will use ANY reason to talk about and crap on British people…it’s getting weird
William96569791 @carlhinchy Wherever it’s run people will moan. Sadly Cheltenham is the be all and end all of the NH season which is sad. Let’s face the Irish will clean up once again. Point to point enthusiast cricket fan and Leeds United. MOT
Rob6timesLFC No1 business @ClaresCustoms i think he good one and Irish will love it too stepped up when need try fill boots of ali LETS HOPE 2021 LOT BETTER
EdwardChisnall3 Bearsden, brave GLASGOW. The Irish will buy and sell you on a Sunday, hen. Published author, poet, international award winning dramatist, weel kent artist. Jined the SNP when HQ was up a close in Elmbank Street, brave Glasgow.
cathedralbowl Indianapolis, IN SET YOUR ALARMS: Tomorrow, Charlie Schenck and the Irish will be bowling in regionals at Heritage Lanes in Kokomo, looking to advance to semi-state! Big things ahead... The first high school bowling team with a student section
ambientambien Left of the Dial @onscarletswalk Lol reminds me of something Bono of all people once said about the Irish, where the English will look at the mansion on the hill and say “one day I’ll live there” and the Irish will look at the mansion on the hill and say “one day I’ll get that son of a bitch” Freelance Music Listener | Kate Bush and David Bowie’s illegitimate son | Hildegard of Bingen notice x1 | he/him
OhioStateMHKY The Schott and the B1G The Buckeyes and Irish will close the weekend and regular season series at 8 p.m. Saturday in @TheSchott. The game will be on BTN, the Fox Sports app and Ohio State Radio. The official men’s hockey account of Ohio State Athletics. #GoBucks
Gremlingohome Ireland @newschambers His choice. Irish will be crying and don’t take any lessons until next time. We are all around mobs dealers but people not acting. Just passing and do they own business. Open-mind person is when this person is accepting other people opinions and is able to listen and has a large tolerance.Straight forward person.
mrhiggins101 Tralee is sound @Ttthdhsusnjn @PigeonFeints @King_CurP @MikeCoppinger I think you’re underestimating how big Taylor is in Ireland, how many Irish will travel and how many Irish live on the East Coast. the more you run over a dead cat, the flatter it gets...
RedDeadRedHead United States @vijayprashad I have spent the last couple months learning about the boys locked up at HM Prison Maze and the subsequent protests/hunger strikes (Bobby Sands' strike) The viciousness demonstrated by the British State towards the Irish will never cease to upset me Call me Red
NDWomensTennis Notre Dame, IN SEASON STARTS TOMORROW🚨☘️ The Irish will compete at the Michigan invite this weekend with matches against Michigan, Duke, and Ohio State. It’s going to be a great weekend for the Irish🔥☘️ #FIGHT The official Twitter account of Notre Dame Women's Tennis | #PressOn | #GoIrish
brokepeach @SaltwaterJoys73 Entertain me for a second, if the murderer is Irish, will you still hold the same anger and want accountability for them as you would if they were a foreigner? 25 | libra biatch ♎ | mdi | 🔞 |✨ I like to insult men ✨ cashapp - $posedis | check likes
BitchWOT Old white Irish will yammer on for days about the troubles then turn around and call POC “blacks” 🤦‍♀️
chattingvet Puerto Rico, USA @emilycoy4 Why, because next thing you know women will want to own property and wear pants. Blacks will want to be paid for their labor and to sit in the front of the bus. The Irish will want to be employed and the Jewish will want to leave the ghettos. Wait, hey GOP it's 2022, not 1822!!! Disabled American Veteran, most lovable asshole you'll ever meet. Animal champion, working dog lover. #PolicedogsRpeople, #PTSD, #RESIST, #FBR/vet #Trollhunter
Stephen78228877 West Cork Ireland @IrexitFreedom It's what we pay for being the Best Europeans. Soon the Irish will be the minority. Yet the Irish politicians will celebrate their pensions and emigrate to Brussels. Old
tristaneldritch Dublin @BarryWhyte85 @PatKennyNT The Irish public are responsible for this - they have been docile donkeys throughout the past 2 years. This year will probably be a repeat of the last, and the cowardly, compliant Irish will continue lapping it up without a peep! Against authoritarianism/coercion/New Normalism Pronouns Available on Request.
Mel56999231 @marceelias When a country is under attack by the fascists and can't or won't say the words fascist/ fascisim that country will become a fascist dictatorship and the blacks and Mexicans will be slaves Irish will have the right to work for less and the rest will burn 24/7 WE MUST STOP THE FASCIST REPUBLICAN TERRORIST TRAITORS!!!
Torch06511712 Azerbaijan @ScottSugrue @itsmekali39 Vitc, lots of it, and boiled 7up (the irish will understand) Tyger Tyger burning bright
Nathan_Erbach Las Vegas, NV Big win for ND Men’s Hoops with 3 straight road games coming up. The Irish will take on Virginia Tech, Howard and Louisville all away from Purcell. 3 away games in 8 days. ND will be in good position with a 2-1 finish during that span Voice: Golden Homers Podcast & Notre Dame Post-Game on @MarkRogersTV. Words (sometimes): Irish Breakdown. Business inquiries:
SpenderWilfrid askabalonia @NI1921 This discussion is boring me I am British nothing else my family is British nothing else and anything Irish to us is foreign simple but 1 thing I will say calling yourself Irish will not do you any good if there was ever a UI because in the Republican movement 👀 you are not . 💜
TNNDN Notre Dame, IN - WorldWIDE We are awaiting @NDHockey’s @NDCoachJackson at the midweek press conference. Your Fighting Irish will take on @OhioStateMHKY this Friday (1/14-7pm, BTN) and Saturday (1/15-8pm BTN). #GoIRISH #BeatBuckeyes The New ND Network was created to form a network of Notre Dame fans to positively support all things Notre Dame from from the classroom to the playing field!
CryptoSniper821 @Ireland2020 The Irish people, I'm Irish, will be the last in the world to figure this out, terrified, media conditioned Middle/oap age group have had media conditioning for 50+ years, of being lied too, and this farce was no different, people can't even look other people in the eye in a shop 🇮🇪 Irish Digital Asset and NFT Investor/Speculator #Vra #Tel #Dexacoin #Bepro #Ecomi
CenturyIRL Read how the British and Irish press reacted to the news that Dáil Éireann had ratified the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1922 An online historical newspaper that reports and provides analysis on the events in Irish life a century ago.
Danielle_Stein9 Charlottesville, VA Virginia-Notre Dame was originally scheduled for December 30th but was postponed as the Cavaliers went into COVID protocols. William Monroe alum Sam Brunelle and the Fighting Irish will now come to JPJ on January 25th Sports Anchor/Reporter @CBS19Sports | @MerrillCollege forever | Love child of Julian Edelman and Guy Fieri | #DineWithStein 📧
shugiehughie Piperhill The Irish will be screaming and yelling that the BHA are trying to stitch up the Horse Ratings … No they are just trying to be fair which in the past they have not been … Winter Fog 131 Ire , My chart of 20 years says 137 … Been given 138 … Castaway …. Racing Odds compiler , School Teacher. ….. Buy Local Produce 🥛 🥕 🍞 🍓 🪴 . Shopping Local Helps local people to Live Life …
Hilda54702855 Dublin City, Ireland @UnityakaAontu Government know the nature of the Irish will be not to bother with more vaccines once this disease is endemic. That is not the plan of Europe! If no one has copped on that the covid pass is here to stay you have been asleep! It’s a part of the future and relies on vac compliance
UKIrish18 Evansville, IN man i hope one day my irish will play in the game that bama and georgia are in tonight. and bring home our 12th national championship to the house that rockne built. they call me tank, husband, sports nut, football coach, powerlifter/bodybuilder at the pit, blues/rock n roll fan, big quenton nelson’s #1 fan, and a good fella
NDbballanalysis Notre Dame will get their shot against Duke (#8) on January 31st at Purcell Pavillion. The Irish will face off against Virginia, Duke, and Miami within a 5 day span. Young men bringing you info and analysis on NDMBB. podcast link: | Jesus Loves You
OurLadysSchool1 Terenure The OLS Coiste Gaeilge challenge you to improve your Irish in 60 days! Use your cúpla focal every day for 60 days and increase your fluency and confidence speaking Irish! Céim ar chéim we hope everyone's Irish will improve! Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh! Empowering our students to reach their full potential.
ThisDuude2026 Trinidad and Tobago The Thirteenth Year and Luck Of The Irish will forever be above the rest! Reiki Practitioner Level I | Champion of Light | Bhagvan gave me life, Christ gave me love, Allah protected me and Guru guides me! ॐ†☪☬
VictoriaaaM21 Waterbury The 13th year and the luck of the Irish will always be top 2 DCOMs Italian and asian... means im 100% great at everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
thekaai Honolulu, HI @myraaann Loved watching another Hawaii Boy lead the Irish. Will miss your heart and determination on the field. Best of luck on your next journey. #lovethee☘️
PamelaK05221650 @OhSineady The Irish people are behind you, Sinead. Shane’s army will rise, the state will fall, lessons will be learned and we, Irish will never forget.
PoliticsGordon Scotland, United Kingdom @JC396509365 @Rae_Boy More likely the Scottish, Welsh and Irish will be infecting the English. Pay attention- the lowest case rate is in England. Everyone is welcome to their opinions, and just because we might disagree that doesn’t make anyone a bad person!
JeremyAlbert20 Enfield, north london Supreme Novices is the opening race at Chelters, it’s looking to be a bit of a blockbuster start to the meeting, all the hype and somehow the Irish will still win it !! Wealdstone FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC and England. Operations Manager at a leading Tour Operator
ClaireAllan Derry, Northern Ireland And this is why the British and Irish will never see eye to eye Bestselling author with @AvonBooksUK #TheNurse - March '22 | Derry Girl | Story consultant - Blue Lights | Hopeful screenwriter | Books 👉
miseganaobh Coontie Aontroma one day the fact that prior to ulster-scots being called "ulster-scots" a lot of people called it Irish will come to fall before the discourse, and we got a brief taste of it earlier with that belfast telegraph article and it truly will be a crap show when it happens Eolaíochtaí bitheacha is bithleighis