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stefan_adrian15 🌎🌍🌏 @DonnaAslan They will. The Irish will not put up with these bastards for too long and it will be a blood bath Views and comments are strictly my own. NO DMs, they will be ignored! Je suis un homme fini, sans nom, sans fortune!
AntiWhiteWatch1 Dublin @IrishTimes The #NewIrish are certainly bring "diversity" and new cultural practices to Ireland. Too bad the #Indigenous Irish never asked for this nonsense. #Irelan4all means a race to the bottom, socially, economically and politically. REAL Irish will the ones paying the price. #AWW: documenting and compiling data on violence, hate, discrimination and bigotry directed at #ethnicEuropeans
willow72013701 @UP19755 I have great faith that the Irish will renew their republican fever and do something about it.
MarshaBuchanan California @AshleaSimonBF The Irish will turn on them and wipe them out. Liked
RIrishRegiment UK & Ireland A Reserve (part-time) career in 2 R IRISH will allow you to create lifelong friendships, experience adventure, gain transferable skills and access world-class training. Join us on Thursday 11th May at our open evening in Enniskillen Army Reserve Centre to find out more. ☘️ Official Twitter account for The Royal Irish Regiment. Recruiting now. #IRISHRANGER 🟢☘️⚫️ 📞07971927939 - Regular Army 📞07929 053675 - Army Reserve
ryan_2saint Arundel, Maine @4karmel @dosleprechauns @JeremiyahLove @AudricEstime Like I said… he will be mainly a receiver but a sprinkle of motion jet sweeps, pop passes and backfield motion to will be in. This could be a lot of fun. Sucks diggs is gone but as good as he was… Irish will be fine and can replace that. He was awesome though. sales rep at State Farm Insurance, Wrestled at Bloomsburg University/USM. graduated with a bachelors in leadership. Assistant Wrestling coach TA/Biddeford
free2roam4steve United States @markmaycot The Irish will rise and ban together and rid their beautiful country of these intruders. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee. And Teeming with souls shall it ever be. Faugh a ballagh Photographer
aengusalt88 America If there is one thing the Irish will do it’s ENDURE! Dagda will not allow his children to perish from this Earth! The English, a truly noble people, tried to destroy us for over a thousand years and FAILED! Do you really think the Jew will succeed? whitepilled zoomer
GG04275775 @annoyingrita I’m Irish, will spot it a mile way.. 🇮🇪 And you thought CPT Fraser was Scottish so you don’t exactly have the ear..😂 Have your tried Conversations with Friends? A love story too I’m it’s own f$&ked up way…. I’m here for the wisdom of others, the reality checks and the humour.
dfinglas Swords Dublin @SaraReyi Us Irish will always support the country of Palestine 🇵🇸 🇮🇪 we know what its like to live in an open prison free Palestine and it's people
Macatelly @MaryMcAuliffe4 @tcddublin I don't suppose the Irish will get an apology and the portraits of Queen Elizabeth I removed? After all we only had two genocides due to scorched earth policy under her terror. delusional!
MotzLuiza @jdullea @TheBabylonBee Yes he did. The Irish brought out all their mental asylum and dementia patients and give him a warm welcome that neither Biden nor the Irish will ever remember. Congratulations.
gmbx39 Salford, England #IWMD23 is on Friday 28 April. GMB Union North West & Irish will be in attendance at events across the Region! Remember the dead and fight for the Living @gmbbolton23 @tucnw @GOrganising National Branch for Usdaw clerical & ancillary workers
JayJayLaFolie @NormaDesmond17 @BBCNews Norma, we don't link the Irish to transatlantic slavery. We need to maintain the social division between pale skin and dark skin. So the Irish will not be involved in any reparations. See Ohh Double Bee El Eee Arr Ess. Parce que j'ai la folie Oui j'ai la folie 🙃🎣🗣''its about time people woke up!'' & ''See, That's the problem'' = sarcasm
TrialByTruth UK @CheekyWind @JohnWest_JAWS Not a famine there. The Irish will be delighted. The new border checks and lack of casual labour to harvest may need more than a blitz on spuds Data protection, security, AI GRC, human rights. #SustainableRiskTriage. Supporter of PancreaticCancer research
peanutsgran Ireland 🇮🇪 @M0kujin @FionaSmall @AaronBastani You are literally talking about a place you know Jack crap about! You cretinous English man. The Irish will take care of Ireland the sooner you lot butt your noses out the better. And just like every other country the English raped and plundered we will boot you out ! I'm just an Irish girl who wants our 6 counties back 🇮🇪
grahamHmoore The County of Kent. England. @Keir_Starmer yep, The british will prosper whilst the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish will pay for it! No Thanks. When the country needs a life line use the English constitution. The three crosses represent the separation of powers, We The People, Judiciary, Executive.
rightwingright1 The white race is being silently genocided. In only some decades, the Swedish, British, Germans, French and Irish will be less than 50% of the population of their heartlands, Sweden, Britain, Germany, France and Ireland.
danielbroe1 dublin @AuroraBorealice Not hurting anyone ? Im sure Ian banham is hurt , they deserve all the abuse they get and not many Irish will be supporting them
MackTClive London, England @BFirstParty And the Irish will know what to do about it, wait and see,
barber_jeanie cheshire uk Oh that’s it then invitation to the Coronation and Ireland is going to unite & Those in the EU They’ll leave it AND When the Island has unified All the Irish will begin to run their own Island
DiazAndytwelve1 @floppywaddle @PJenkins1931 @ActifyPress @guang_lie @ActsofFaithblog @adeyemi_cynthia @Black_Action @AdosRevenge @AllSoul1865 @ChrisSteppin @BurnEr92976227 @civilizedrights @VA2PHILLY @AllieYoup No, it will be white washed and the Irish will be portrayed as “benevolent and hapless” victims to racism in the U.S. History will be revised and desperate, shamed ADOS and other Blacks will be proud of their admixture while White Irish descendants laugh and disavow them. I am #ADOS -🇺🇸
jongrove02 Manhattan, KS Oh boy, I wonder who the Irish will try and poach next? Surely it won’t be anyone from here 🙄 KSU 2025, K-State 2019 Centennial League JV Tennis Champion, Blocked by @JonRothstein, Co-host of @ShakeNBlake785 on @wildcat919fm #catsby90
DefenderEireb @nessryan11 @Eamo285 @Ah_cop_on @RTEUpfront What I'm saying is, she may have to be totally realistic and look for a job somewhere else, in order to have affordable housing within a commutable distance. Cause the government isn't going to change things and most Irish will not rebel like France is.
Ebhlin4 ....under leftist's skins @griptmedia Because they want people to quit,as the new imported Irish will do your job for less and you will be more dependent on government making you more compliant. Trans - parent 🙌✨️🌎
JamesHu88052006 @wallacemick Climate change and the deliberate destruction of agriculture. Keep pushing the green agenda and the Irish will be back to eating grass. What is truth? 1984 was a dystopian novel, not an instruction manual.
PaulWalsh3 Centre of known universe,Cork. @BanTarleton36 @irelandbattles Pointing out obvious that those officers were mainly Protestant Unionist Irish will invite you to cop out and scream "sectarian". You're projecting your own Tan treachery on people from 100 years ago. 1st GE approaching universal suffrage shows most were not "happy being British" Part time scourge of hypocrites/full time unrepentant langer: sport,society,politics and sundry ráiméis.
fireflytogo @fairythimble @DavQuinn I remember translating it from beginning to end, enjoyed it. Small book, don't know what the fuss is about. Irish will never die and Colm O Brien is a time waster. 'Only those who risk going too far can possibly know how far one can go' - TS. Eliot. First time past 10 followers 🥳. I'd like a snitch break please and thanks
SRQ297 @BTekerian @harlequinspod @Harlequins @HarlequinsWomen @RugbyQuins @QuinssaRugby @QuinsAmsRugby @QuinsPride The problem now the league is so competitive u have to be at ur best or ur not gonna get top 4 we can’t afford for this wobble to carry on at all into next season. Next season bath will be up there Irish will keep their form and the current top 4 all will remain strong.
thoughtcrime77 Back of the western bus @sinnfeinireland @MaryLouMcDonald sinn feintards and the ira-cowards....taking a brave stand to make sure the indigenous Irish are turned into a minority within their own country... Wow, what "heroes". /sarcasm off Identity politics for all or identy politics for none. I disagree with what you said. Therefore what you said is hate speech.
parasmunt1 @Edwina2018 @socioblah Yes so called black Irish will be playing the victim card against Irish natives in no time as well. White Christians have no such card to play even though the history of White European common people is as bloody and grim as anywhere else.
JohnShy_ @Independent_ie Infrastructure that the late Irish will never get to benifit off..I'd rather live on the dole or emigrate or many undocumented are claiming benifits in the UK and Europe? My typo's are getting worse..I blame my keyboard..and I couldn't be arsed to delete the tweet and start again.
BobsonDryan Ireland @EamonRyan @Dept_ECC I'm sure you will sell it to who ever gives the best brown envelope and the Irish will ultimately end up paying for everything and end up with still the most expensive electricity in Europe. Mark my words Wheeling and dealing ..... Only fools and horses work na na na na na na na na na na ... Bet you sang that 😂
_ciaoamore she/her -- 20smth -- LDR the comments and quotes are so pleasing to me. the irish will never let a brit speak on ireland in a bad way. you make everything better
Elizabe18103452 These 15 min cities might be welcomed warmly by the government and stakeholders but you can be damn sure the people would not be very welcoming to them if they had been asked, which they weren't. But I'm sure the Irish will let them know soon enough 😉 🙏  🇮🇪
DarranPearce London The Irish will be pleased there are no British trained runners entered in the Punchestown Champion Hunters on Friday. Annamix, Billaway, Bold Enough, Chris's Dream, Its On The Line, Lough Derg Spirit, Winged Leader and Vaucelet the main entries. Premier Magic had been touted TV Producer. Non-League Football and Hunter Chase expert. Enjoy Australian Horse Racing especially the jumpers. Gloucester City fan. Indie music lover
GerardOwens16 IRELAND 2023 is in position of ENGLAND A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO nobody but nobody could talk about 'sainted' 2nd world and 3rd world migrants and their MISDEEDS, hopefully a few Irish will give me a little credit in next following years. View personal, free speech protected by Irish constitution which my grand relatives fought for. .
Greglyn26955107 @CollegeFix The Irish will need about 10 Trillion The Chinese probably about 8 Trillion don't forger the American Indian they should get and 13 Trillion. Other countries with much worse slavery issues like Brazil who had twice as many slaves will need to pay about 25 Trillion
Maximil86429959 Dublin Ireland @DanMulhall Around one fifth of Ireland's population now in 2023 are not Irish, and that's set to increase. Demographics experts & professors have stated that the ethnic Irish will become a minority in their own country by 2050! Are you okay with this ethnic cleansing? Always ask questions. Look for the answers. Never Give Up 👍
JJsfinewoodart on the water @Dan_Breen_ The irish will crush these cvnts when they are ready and it will be brutal I'm telling you wood artist and activist wanting complete removal of the vast majority of uk media and politicians for crimes against humanity add me on kik theonlygoodfight
Hook_Em_Horns17 Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA @DVATW They do not look Irish! Look very different really. A bunch of mongrels and thugs roaming the streets that the authentic Irish will know how to handle and put down. This activity will stop when people put the ultimate stop to them. No more of this. Big 4 Partner-Artificial Intelligence/Analytics-Published Author,UT Longhorns,Real Estate/Angel Investor,Rock Music,Wine lvr & Foodie,Travel/Explorer. love USA
JuliaDilliard @leghorn1357 Doubtful that the Irish will be happy to see him. But since Biden was so well received, and he's jealous,he's probably planning to visit the golf resort that he owns on the west coast of the country. Former hospital chaplain and psychotherapist. Classically trained harpist. Supports efforts to save American wild horses/mustangs.
GUCUrich Lostwithiel, Cornwall @DanWilsonLabour There is a clear difference between racism and prejudice and it involves power. I think this is what she is taking about. A white Irish will experience prejudice but will not experience racism due to the power aspect. Christian, husband, father. I love reading the Bible, gardening. I am a youth worker and I live in Cornwall. #FBPE
xucando173 i'm guessing the dismissive reference to the irish will mean even racist grandpa and squealer will have to criticise @HackneyAbbott now charged and ready to... go to bed
JakeLedders @AndrewM1874 Irish will only move in after the broncos deal is up. The ladies also get near enough the same crowds that broncos do and for the amount of money they pay and how the pitch ends up after they play it’s really not worth it. It should’ve always been Irish. “YELLOW AND BLUE YELLOW AND BLUE WOMBLES”
GLemeff North West, England Happy St Georges day everyone! I trust all of the Irish will all be out there getting crapfaced on Carling and dressing up in red and white today. Excellent. If I write something here I'll be judged by it so I'll save it for the tweets 🇬🇧
machlooper Brisbane, QLD @RiggerBunny And of course the Irish will have to beg for lift….again 🙄 EX-Airborne Military Photographer, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and total Aerosexual!!!! Permanently grounded for washing in C2HCl3 ☠️ #MCAS 🇮🇪☘️🇦🇺 🛸
michelleisalert @rtenews Get rid of all the foreign welfare scammers and the native Irish will be back in their droves Never ever forget the EU/globalists are your true enemy Surviving in WWIII 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Watch the sky, we are being sprayed like bugs🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
pontyboy321 Cwm Rhondda @acgrayling I’m sure the Irish will welcome the implementation of the new EU directive of imposing quotas for immigrants with no veto for the host country. This is why I voted out, the ability to say no, trade and pricing will work it’s way through, we are a sovereign nation 👍 CBDC downsides! spending surveillance, loss of anonymity, restrictions on savings and spending, automatic tax collection, the elimination of cash
ChristinaSFLaw San Francisco, California Ideally the Irish will deny him entry as an accused felon and therefore undesirable, to say nothing of him being a war crimes suspect. ✊️✊️✊️🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 Over-21; Radical lawyer, author of "Lanza's Mob: The Mafia and San Francisco"; Bane of Fash 🏴✊Proud Canadian, ashamed American🇨🇦🍁She/Her #IchBinAntifa