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indepdubnrth Dublin North Mr Higgins signs a bill that tramples upon our Civil Liberties & our Human Rights Yet he can't go to Mass in Northern Ireland in case he might upset people about partition? Sprinkle a bit of Nationalist Fairy dust in the air, and we Irish will apparently overlook anything. GP/Microbiologist/Philosopher/Parent Posts are my own views & do not reflect the Medical Profession. Please adhere to all HSE guidelines during this "pandemic".
king_logan_10 Champaign, IL Next Three games for my Irish will be really really tough. But watching my Irish play they will be 3-0 and be 6-0 on the season come Oct 9th Hot takes on sports
ATTay38411784 @Hadronicus @Tomas68355920 @MacaesBruno @bkalnoky Russia's economy and armed forces are larger than Latvia's or Estonia's. Who is going to stop them if not NATO? The Germans, Italians, Spanish and Irish will die for a EU flag after being ordered to by French officers? The French dream of EU defence autonomy is dead.
TheGridironLS 12th ranked Notre Dame defeated Purdue 27-13 to improve to 3-0 on the season. Purdue fell to 2-1 on the season. The Irish will travel to Wisconsin next week and Purdue will host Illinois next week. #GoIrish Debates, News, Trash Talking, and Live Streaming with each of the admins for the 32 NFL Franchises, College Football Conferences, and 9 CFL Teams
EvanMPLepak 863▶️352▶️574 DJ Brown picks up a garbage time interception for the #Irish there. #NotreDame will knell it and preserve the 27-13 win over #Purdue. The #Irish will be 3-0 heading into a big matchup with Wisconsin next Saturday in Chicago. @TGN_Sports reporter covering high school sports and Notre Dame athletics | @UFJSchool and @alligatorsports alum | Tips:
angdicarlo South Bend, IN Irish will start on the Purdue 39 after the sack on 3rd down and the short punt by the Boilers. ND up 20-13 with 9:45 left in the game. Time to put this one away. Lily’s Dad, Molly’s husband & son of Sicilian immigrants. Sports Director & Account Executive @ Redeemer Radio @957sports. Yes, I used to do TV. Now I do radio.
joshrw_williams South Bend, IN PLUMMER IS SACKED!!!!! THE IRISH FORCE THEIR 3RD SACK OF THE GAME. The Irish will force a punt from Purdue on a 4th and 18 Play-by-play broadcaster | Host of the The Longest Road Podcast | Sports Anchor on @953mnc Michiana’s News Channel
joshrw_williams South Bend, IN The Irish will use their 2nd timeout the second half with 10:59 remaining in the 4th quarter. They will face a 3rd down and 11 from the Purdue 12 yard line. Play-by-play broadcaster | Host of the The Longest Road Podcast | Sports Anchor on @953mnc Michiana’s News Channel
BigJimSports On God’s Earth When Purdue scores on this 96 yard drive to take the lead it could be the back breaker for ND Another brutal performance by the Irish offense today and now the defense is wearing out Irish will be lucky to get to 8 wins this year at this rate Podcast host: @HuddleUpPodcast (Tues) @3CountThursday (Thurs) @DWANPod (at free will)...Shows are on ALL podcast platforms. All opinions are mine & mine alone.
joshrw_williams South Bend, IN On the pass attempt to Bell, a flag is thrown! DPI called on the Irish. Will set Purdue up with a 1st and goal from the 4 yard line. Play-by-play broadcaster | Host of the The Longest Road Podcast | Sports Anchor on @953mnc Michiana’s News Channel
joshrw_williams South Bend, IN Purdue forces a TFL as the Irish will have a 3rd down and 11. Play-by-play broadcaster | Host of the The Longest Road Podcast | Sports Anchor on @953mnc Michiana’s News Channel
ISDUpdate South Bend, IN Kyle Hamilton doing Kyle Hamilton things on 4th-and-1. Irish will take over at their own 34. Official feed of a #NotreDame community & #1 source for #Irish Recruiting, Football, Baseball & Hoops | Instagram: IrishSportsDaily
angdicarlo South Bend, IN And the Irish will punt again. Offensive line protection remains non existent. Lily’s Dad, Molly’s husband & son of Sicilian immigrants. Sports Director & Account Executive @ Redeemer Radio @957sports. Yes, I used to do TV. Now I do radio.
WrongPicks EST Purdue @ Notre Dame: I think Brohm will be able to cook up some stuff that keeps this a game late, but ultimately the Irish will have more dudes and get the win. Your home for college football predictions, jokes and commentary that you didn't ask for. Account "managed" by @_JulianMitchell.
SlapTheSign South Bend, IN The Irish will beat Purdue today, and here is why! All Notre Dame, all the time | Brought to you by @FanSided | ONWARD TO VICTORY | your source for all thing ND. #GoIrish Site Expert @bweiss2330
CFB_Sports_Bets #Purdue (+7.5) @ #ND 1u #Purdue is much improved and have covered comfortably in the first two games. #Irish have covered 1 for the last 5 and have looked suspect in both games this year against teams that are not as good as #Purdue. #Irish will win but by a TD or less. Made this so I could keep track of my sports betting.
patrick98221737 United Kingdom @mohammedPBUH12 Ireland and Irish citizenship is an economic convenience. When Irish are in the minority - soon, it will be a multicultural nonentity with old ireland a very distant memory. Indigenous Irish will try and blend in by rejecting their heritage. Sad An interest in the truth and scepticism of celebrity views
kerr_xander Scotland, United Kingdom @PowerHouseG1 Hell yeah brotha me you and irish will get rapid wins come join me and lets take over the galaxy👌👌😅 @drinkwraith code:cypher98
CathedralFBall Indianapolis, IN Irish D hold the Bulldogs to a FG attempt which was wide right. The Irish will begin their next drive from their own 20. 10:42 remains in the 2nd quarter and the Irish lead 10-0. The official Twitter account of the team with the most wins in the State of Indiana and 13x State Champion @GoCathedral Irish
CathedralFBall Indianapolis, IN Dogs are forced to punt on a 3 and out. The Irish will begin on their own 49 yard line. 7:05 remains. The official Twitter account of the team with the most wins in the State of Indiana and 13x State Champion @GoCathedral Irish
CathedralFBall Indianapolis, IN Irish on the road at Columbus North tonight. Captains meeting coin toss has gone to the Bulldogs and they have deferred until the 2nd half. The Irish will receive… Here….We….Go! ☘️ 🏈 The official Twitter account of the team with the most wins in the State of Indiana and 13x State Champion @GoCathedral Irish
lesber12 Wales, United Kingdom @GBNEWS Pay for tickets and put them on a French ferry back to Franch. Alternatively, drop them off in another EU country like Ireland. Surely the Irish will accept them. France expect us to have them. Pro-Brexit. Not a fan of BBC, Labour Party but not aTory.
knighteye Dublin Ireland One day maybe not today but someday the Irish will wake up? Highest uptake of vaccination and the highest Covid cases anywhere in the EU. #TCOIMH Backup a/c @duzBme. It’s all about control. They knew if they could get YOU to wear a mask they could get YOU to do anything. It has nothing to do with science.
johnsopinionok Imagine the impudence of Michael D Higgins in ignoring the sage advice of Chief Freemason and leading unionist politician John Bruton? “I mean the next thing the Irish will be after is independence from our Beloved Queen” quoted an exasperated Bruton. Currently living in Shutter Ireland
mebolloxitis Ireland @MeatballMolly UFC Liverpool and the Irish will be there!! 🛶 ✈️ 🇮🇪 ☘️ 💪🏼💪🏼 Living the dream baby 😎
AndGlengannon @niproud Born Irish, will die Irish and will be buried in Irish soil on the island of Eire my friend. Sorry to disappoint you in your silly comment. Have agood weekend a chara Im seeking Truth, Justice and recognition for the attack on ME at the Glengannon hotel 27/12/97.All tweets or retweets are NOT endorsements, do not be offended.
Michael_Durnan Somewhere in in The Danelaw. @DavQuinn With below replacement birth-rate and now legal abortion, the Irish will achieve by their own hands what Cromwell failed to. The Celtic Irish will die out. Immigration will become essential to fill the job vacancies in the Irish economy. Retired teacher, am. photographer,writer,Film&TV extra, Rugby League fan,birdwatcher,hiker,traveller,cycler,Catholic pilgrim,tea,ale,wine drinker,pie&pud eater.
indysilverfox Glasgow, Scotland @Mike_Fabricant @CAMRA_Official NOT banned 2007 British and Irish will still be able to walk a mile and buy a pint after the European Commission decided not to force their countries to go completely metric Deeply disgusted by WM Govt & its media. Confident for iScotland. Both Votes Yes. Saor Alba
InsurgentePetyr Stalingrado, URSS @Nigel_Farage Brexit is making you more stupid. If stupidity is so British, I'm pretty sure that Scottish and Northern Irish will abandon you very soon. I can't say if that will be before of after the collapse of your economy, but it is a fact. Oficina del Insulto Español. Se lacera a fascistas, racistas, machistas, homófobos y soplapollas en general.
goldenhart1234 @danielmgmoylan @ConorBurnsUK @NIOgov @BrandonLewis Unlike use brits us irish will have all the i dotted and all the t crossed make sure we are prepared we known what not to do after watching use try to do brexit when the time is right there will be a border poll hopefully Scotland will go first exciting times ahead😂😂😂😂🇮🇪
megangailey Indy-Chicago-NYC-LA, I'm tired .@TommyMcNam and I face off against each other in fantasy football this week. I’d pick your side now bc I don’t think our friendship (based on being likable AND Irish) will survive!
SKZComics Spain @milkmedianewyor @Baddiel Hopefully, women, blacks, and the Irish will also return to their traditional roles, the uppity scamps. You can criticise Israel. You can ask about gender. Don't hate. Don't bring up irrelevant stuff. Don't misrepresent. I'm tired of calling that crap out.
JohnLac36728740 Killeedy @PaulQuinnNews @VirginMediaNews @garthbrooks @ThatSamOlson @BryanMMoore Cant understand how Gareth has the audacity to demand 5 nights in Dublin.surely it up to promoters to choose nights when and where ever,and let him decide if he available..taking liberty to think we Irish will still flock to see him in big numbers. ☘☘☘.A stranger is a friend you haven't yet met..
sukihothi @GrahameLucas @Andrew_Adonis #PettyPatel was threatening to "starve the Irish" to get Brexit over the line Seems UK might starve itself with a tariff trade war And, the Irish will be well fed! Booming economy again with all the EU investment and British companies relocating there!
DoubleDEire Dublin City, Ireland @Niall_Boylan But the Irish will continue to follow the inept governments rules and regulations 🐑 No To Child Vaccines
taleofnobody California, USA Trump Jr is the dream scenario imo. He’s such a forking dork and I’m 100% sure that biden would steamroll him in the debates just by sheer force of senile Irish will Mentally Chill | 25 y/o civil engineer in Cali | male | bi as hell | @taleofnobody on telegram | DMs open ➡️📱| 18+ only, sometimes nsfw | pfp @mangoyena
rachelhardwick3 Washington, DC The future is #female and women like Ms. Green and Ms. Irish will help lead the way! Vaccinated mom, wife, friend, activist, voter, traveler. Friends, let's spread love!
Doxic100 Dublin City, Ireland And the fool Irish will vote what ever way they are told. Brainless!
thegolfclub2012 @CheltenhamRaces And the Irish will still be on the juice...
AnielkaKarolak @NewstalkFM He needs to keep his job ..that's all I hope people say No this time and all Irish will stand up "During times of universal deceit, telling the true becomes a revolutionary act"
kennomur @Niall_Boylan This was always known. There is no end to this tyranny unless we all say no. They have an end goal and that is control at all costs. The brainwashed Irish will continue to do as they're told so I don't see us getting out of this nightmare anytime soon. Anne Frank was hidden by people breaking the law. She was murdered by people following the law. We are going back to those dark times.
Obo97443193 @bazcarter15 @BanterNative @wobski421 @bromhome @PLANET_ZOMBIE @IainColledge @Rayjudd7 @stevedeg1 @just2sayin @gtmag10 @john30296891 @cybremike5 @william_haggis @leftstance @harvman25 @zafron98 @NewforestStock @MickeyM19517368 @from_hackney @Peter12587384 @amphibbarr @etxberria55 @AngryJeff2 @Ladywhi89378290 @NickKen99156276 @ScootTheHoot1 @AodhRuairi @Bu3tergonads @BMcfitzy @Elainemca2001 @SherdyMe @FalseFlag32 @niallerc @lars_ly @Bellagio_bound @vicksbrowne @graham669 @Anatadaephobia @CredaCreda @commer2stroke @_R_J_B_tw @Freddiesharp12 @BaccaJoules @Lotto688Lotto @SimonJSpurrell @E8Powell @MarioBerky @Bluebellwood5 @Brexit_Breakers @laughslongtime Well there we have it you are stuck Steve. The US, EU and Irish will not agree to land checks. This has been made very clear since 2015 it's no bluff.
off_the_cuff_IE @SkyNews Let her have it but when vote is cast in favour of independence then cut the head completely off the serpent.Look at the Republic of Ireland-got independence from the UK then it’s politicians went and handed the country to the EU. Irish will become a minority in their own country Speaking Off The Cuff about everything and anything that is happening around the world. No time to edit, I just get it off my chest and let the reader decide.
TimWil Brussels, Strasbourg @Beany_1 Brexit will create a multi-tier society (which the Tories love). Those with EU passports and British passports (or settled status) and the poor Brit with only the weakening blue passport. The Irish will be top of the list. #FollowBackProEU #FBproEU #FPPE #FBPPR 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scottish and European Living & working in the heart of the EU.
OrleansLynx Lynx stave off elimination with a 14-4 win over @OttawaIrish. Bradley with the complete game win and a two run homer. Lynx and Irish will be playing till January to settle this series.
salvatore6581 @roun_sa_ville Italians and Irish will survive crazy bottom white boy
dshstennis Scioto falls to Gahanna 3-2. Congrats to Amelia and Yuka for taking courts 1 and 2! The Irish will look to rebound against Olentangy at home on Wednesday. The official Twitter home of the Dublin Scioto High School Tennis Program
o00525600 Dublin @FrankKane_1 @CChicCheese @Mick_O_Keeffe @rodericogorman the so called government should look after their own , the Irish will never get a home if more refugees are taken in , have you been in town recently, I was and was shocked I didn't see many white faces and most of them couldn't speak English we are flooded with these people.
spy_moses @finebaum My Irish will be taken to the woodshed soon, thus making me cry naked in the fetal position for at least two weeks, and putting a natty on ice for eternity… You know we had to do a remix...
Samad_Hines Atlanta, GA Huntington Prep (WV) is back as a program for the 2021-2022 high school season after taking last season off due to COVID-19. The Irish will be playing a national schedule. Cruz Davis (Oregon St.), Lewis Duarte, and Trenton Flowers headline the roster @HuntingtonPrep. High School Basketball National Insider | Player Evaluator | Analyst | Contributor/Manager for the @HSCircuit | Creator of “The Grind” Hoops Content