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LondonIrishDude @RugbyInsideLine London Irish will get on SA and one French team. Hi
tm_boxingpt Hope the Irish will welcome me and my family with open arms, I didn't mean any of it, fantastic fighting nation where absolutely nobody takes the knee
Jajngn Oregon, USA @ScottHoskins7 @llanier67 Ireland plans to kill a million and a half of their farm animals. So Irish will eat bugs,wear those black cotton buckled shoes made in China, and fleece made from recycled plastic. Which is made from petroleum. Baby Boomer Free speech isn’t a threat to democracy, censorship is.
fingerg Chicago @JustinLeise @hghn116 @RightyTeacher @dantemoore05 Yep, I’m all ND but Oregon has this argument won as we speak. I think the Irish will be back with QBs soon but Mariota is a solid pro and Herbert is really good. #beatSC Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene'.
LucanIrish9 Lucan Biddulph, Ontario Tough loss on Saturday against the Astros Jr club. Macguire Gordon was solid on the hill and added a 3-run homer at the plate, Shayne Johnston was 4-5, and JB Moffatt also added a pair of hits. Irish will now have a couple weeks off before next league action on July 12th. The twitter account of the Lucan Irish 9 senior baseball team. Proud members of the MOSBL. Lucan-Biddulphs boys of summer.
Marc_McAuley Belfast, Northern Ireland @RhysticStudies But then in the Irish American communities, people with no connection to the environment that created the IRA will mark their pubs with signifiers and have crap like "Irish Car Bombs" which tends to be where native Irish will draw the line on whether or not it's just craic (cabalT) Artist, animation graduate from Ulster University Belfast. (he/him) What if Shinji Ikari was fat?
AgnelloFabrizio France, Italy, Japan, US... @TrisBurnedLands Tell you what: Drop the monarchy, offer to move the capital to Dublin, rename the country the United Repoblic of Ireland and Britain, and maybe the Irish will agree... after all joining with GB would be a loss of GDP per capita for them. Globetrotter, East-West relations, EU, Trade, Politics. Like cats, bikes, rock, Japanese crafts & caramelized apples. Contrarian & smartass opinions are my own
mccormick_ted Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal, Québec @_henry_snow Actually the author does basically say “and the Irish will pay for it!” Science & projects in early modern Britain/Ireland/Atlantic; books & views mine; he/him
GerardOwens16 we often talk about ireland going 3rd world,however it will be even worse than that,at least in 3rd world u r with ur own people, but 'new' ireland will be a mish mash of 100 different cultures and languages, native irish will be lucky 2 get any look in at all. View personal, free speech protected by Irish constitution which my grand relatives fought for. .
ItsRobbAllen Tampa, Florida @kaya_masters Ah, Erika photographed by @olegvolk If I remember correctly, she's half Irish, half Japanese and after seeing these pictures I decided when I become supreme dictator, the Japanese & Irish will be compelled by law to have children together. USMC Crayon Sommelier
RueDaungier @DagnyTaggart369 Us Irish will NEVER forget the kindness of Turkey and Russia when Britain starved our millions. Citizen Journalist, Meitheal Guru - Hater of wars, lover of peace, Cuba & New Orleans
FLTDOC1 Son of Appalachia @eimhearquinn @Obidoc @ATACCFaculty @doctorwibble @HaldenHB @marcus_rudolph @EMManchester @MeMarcS @keatingteam1 And the Irish will be there! * Medicus ex Machina * Grandfather of Dragons * Auld Yin * HEMS Physician * Professor of EM: PGY-35 * US Army Aviation Vet * @ataccfaculty * #Delta7 *
Vks80417026 New Delhi, India @BCCI Well... New milestone.. Today World might see the Umran express and Irish will face n feel chin musice 🎧 Certified Personal Fitness and Aerobic Instructor. Dance aerobics. DM for 90 days transformation online, offline training. LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS HOLDER.
rattlecans Sitting beside a puddle The other famine: Scotland and the potato blight via @rte The Irish will talk of the famine in Scotland. Few others will, for reasons best known to themsels #WomenWontWheest - It's how oor mammies made us
KingHaku3 @MervRobertson Sorry Merv,,,but after watching the blues and crusaders final 😅...the Irish will smash us. 🙈 been to the wilderness and back again... only need people with brain as Followers,,,and da rest DON'T bother! MAGA: MAKE the NUREMBERG CODE GREAT AGAIN ✊
MargaWoods Palma de Mallorca/Dublin @wallacemick I heard it's not -and never has been - a democracy. The Irish will believe anything Ursula Von Lying tells them though. ESOL teacher. Interested in history, literature, current affairs, religion, music, politics, etc.
Michael31517847 We are here again to support Hello Hammond, and the Meaney family. Hopefully the luck of the Irish will be with us tonight. Good luck to all in the final. @SusanEHennessy #greyhoundderby2022 @TowcesterRaces A Dad, a husband, a farmer and a greyhound fanatic....all views are my own.
WhySoSerious06 In your thoughts. @acls9_9 What else is there left? Either the state gets them or the hills do. I'll raise a wild child before an absolute compliant child. While both drive me nuts, they make a semi fine team and are smart. Gullible yet, but smart. The Scots Irish will protect them. Kin or not. I question everything. Nothing is as it seems. Always Out Front #ENDBSL Et Marte Et Arte- Follow the Black Chicken. I bite and don't let go.
CQs_1987 O’Neills County @rabgee101 Some of the WWI guys came back not right in the head after what they had been through and sent to Ireland as Black and Tans to terrorise all around them! That’s the opposite of defending freedom. Us Irish will always be Anti British army for its old and recent crimes in Ireland. Irish man from Tyrone ☘️🇮🇪 (Couldn’t recover my old account so had to start again)
naus881 Ireland is emulating UK with their mass immigration policies.Little do they know Ireland will be swamped and the process is irreversible. It is sad to see beautiful and peaceful Ireland go down this road of multiculturalism.Before long the Irish will be a minority.
alismithmx @tazgallin @fedup42Mn You will be dealing with a lot more brutality in Ireland, the "new Irish" will not take any prisoners... all will be beheaded... and the Irish have no fight... cowards and weaklings.. I see more drugs on the streets of Dublin. More homeless and other issues. Much less here. Writer and poet and outspoken.
JCodasine @MichealMartinTD Immigration continues to grow; the Irish population is shrinking. "White Irish" will not have to emigrate; there will be none left. These are 2016 figures. Between immigration and birth rates we will very soon be a minority in our own homeland Once they make freedom conditional you are no longer free. I follow back regardless: we should listen to opposing views.
MarcusTroy14 @Independent_ie The Irish will just sit by and watch their government give their whole country away. I bet you all wish you would voted for Independence now. Irish people deserve better than giving all the wealth they have created away. I can't imagine it's what the people really want. I drive a truck. Midwest regional. I'm white, I'm male, I'm fat. Things are alright all things considered.
JayNEU86 @dazo77 We are no good to keep excepting it darren. We will all give out for few days and then us Irish will just get on with it.. When does it stop like. forkin joke of a country. If I had no family I would get outta here as quick as I could Dad brother husband and sports mad..
StevieG74426253 Derry City @jessphillips An with their partner's in crime us IRISH WILL HAVE A UNITED IRELAND and the PLANTER'S CAN FVCK OFF BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT OR WANNA STAY. Derry City FC. Celtic FC. God bless the hunger strikers for their sacrifice. IRELAND UNFREE WILL NEVER BE AT PEACE. FREE PALESTINE. DEEP PURPLE / GILLAN FAN
Macedonia_12 @ediramaal Dear Prime Minister, @ediramaal if you can and if you want, answer @MacronInEnglish for his statement out of stubbornness or sarcasm for "Northern Macedonians", because the "Northern Irish" will be insulted ?! Because in Skopje they do not know what to answer .
gryphalyaza discord: alyaza#3884 @KlezmerGryphon english is also bad but sometimes irish will take five letters to represent a single sound and that's just straight whack gryph enby! || they/she || 22 || in a relationship || this account is half writing, half watching america collapse under its own contradictions lol
Bleakhouse12 @AlexaARyan @cryptosduck @GardaWatch @FineGael Irish will be 30 to 40% of tge population by then. We might as well rename ourselves to be Singapore Two get rid of republic and just have a big Incorporated logo on the flag. Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain
kimmarcella78 Cork city Ireland Just found out that this crazy guy and a few other #essex boys are finally paying #cork a visit for their #stag weekend nxt month ! The #irish will show them how it’s done🍺💃🏻🙌🤣🇮🇪💚 Life if is short ... and so am I 🥰 Boxing Fan 🥊 Travelling ,Music ,Infact pretty much anything interests me.Proud Mam of 3 ❤️ Ireland 🇮🇪 No DM’s please!! 🚫
bluenbo Ireland @Eddie_Brady_87 @jonnyg0156 There are no international brownie points in housing the Irish as there are in filling the country with migrants. Soon the country will be full of migrants and the Irish will be no more. But they are not replacing us... Honest. On the political spectrum I register left of centre both fiscally and socially but the Left has moved so far left that I am considered far Right.
m_dom_d @fiannafailparty @DarraghOBrienTD Maybe the foolish Irish will realise now the ineptness of our government ministers and their decisions they make to butter up the woke among us. The Irish state will regret the decisions these clowns make purely for their own advancement in government
peterbrunsden uk "Ireland 2040" well on track then: Irish will become a minority on their own land. BBC banging on about the famine and no mention that pop growth 100% due to inward migration from nigeria, brazil etc. Once Irish citizens they can all come to uk if they want( better benefits here) Started as a Socialist but grew up fast. Freedom, Family, Justice, Country. Will always block woke lefties-so there. The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.
JosephHealy5 @FlattenTheLies @HMcEntee How many rapes and attacks on us Native Irish will perpetrated in the coming years by this lot when they all become “Irish Citizens “
KevinEg43133361 Yes many are actually Irish Will they tell us that And I do not mean New Irish or Black Irish.or.Polish Irish..Actual white Irish.
mrgibb0n Limerick, Ireland New Events happening in Tarkov today and what better person to partner up with other than the Leprechaun herself... @RNGingy . The Luck of the Irish will be with us today! WE LIVE Twitch x Mr_Gibbon 🇮🇪 || Full Time Twitch Streamer & Content Creator || 400k + on TikTok || Socials:
Tobiojo28 Edgewood, MD @lesiavasylenko @GarretAhearn Hopefully the luck of the Irish will help the people of Ukraine defeat the Russian military and victory will be yours Amazing guy who has a great personality, wonderful reputation, great sense of humor and tremendous enthusiasm and empathy for everyone.
SuperGr04651812 @PatriciiTerra @tomasocarthaigh @ColmanOfGuaire They were/are given nothing on arrival, it's work or go homeless, hungry, Ireland has an indigenous population of 5 million, Take in too many and within 2 generations the Irish will be a minority status, like the mauri, aboriginals, Indians in USA,etc. My opinions, not politics, just Truth, Hope, the science,
NI_Citizen_69 Belfast, Norn Iron @crusaders1898 Think a full Irish & full English are pretty similar. Irish will usually have black & white pudding and less likely to have sodabread & potato farl. Working-class guy from North Belfast. British & Irish 🇬🇧☘️. Supporter of LFC. Used to be left-leaning until the left turned into an hysterical woke mob.
quickfire34 @Niall_Boylan And Irish will be moaning soon cowards buckled their own economy thinking sitting at home would stop a virus Dáil Éireann has sold you out yet again, keep sitting down moaning and you'll see what winter is going to be like. Pardon my language ye are all fools to the narrative!! JOIN TELEGRAM AND JOIN GETTR FOR FREEDOM OF Speech, maybe looking for an unvaccinated partner also 😜
parkerschlmet she / they, 19 🌾 multi?? idk @discodyIan YEAH F U AMERICA GONNA SCREAM LEAVE AMERICA JUST FOR THOSE AMERICANS AND THE IRISH WILL GET IT THROUGH TO HIM #TRUST #ROBIN: hey dingus your children are here
Audrey4freedom @Niall_Boylan 1. Government will never interject as this is there plan to bring us into the new world order. 2. The Irish will start shouting when all their savings have disappeared and they struggle to pay their bills.
Stephen78228877 West Cork Ireland @likerofSocrates @Soulfullcat @MrBobbySands Remember Ireland is short of workers that as the Irish abandon an alien country. Soon it will have civil unrest as orthodox Christians and Muslims fight for control, the wokes will be the first to suffer but the real Irish will be long gone Old
BigBearNelson Central Illinois @bubbacdubbya And I was today years old when I learned the Irish will censor attitude and glasses. Really ruins the mystique. 😱💀 That's an awesome comment though. Good on the customer for leaving sobering positive. LOL WUT?
afrrobege Dublin City, Ireland @KaramzinovArt tbh I think it is getting better. Between Irish finally getting full status as a EU language and Irish people in Northern Ireland protest to keep/include Irish in schools curriculum I think in a few generations Irish will become more popular num sei, só sei que foi assim
PeaceToAllok @Ordinar27248366 @DwightTurf @DonnellyStephen A friend's friend had their wedding reception cancelled week before the event so the hotel could take in the freeloaders and get the refugee money from the govermment.Absolutely disgusting. Irish will slit fellow Irish throats first over freeloaders. Myob
BfcBip @ChappyCFB @OhioStateFB @NDFootball The Irish will live and die by Tyler Buchner in this one. He will need a +3 Total TD to Turnover margin if the Irish want to even think about an upset in this one. But I love to think about this particular "what if" as it could spell playoffs for the Irish, like you said 😁 Father. Husband. College Football Fan. Co-host of Bowl Full of Chips podcast.
mccormacktjp Tennessee @JeffKeeling12 @Coalition4Kids @AshleySharpWJHL Hope they have a wonderful trip and I know the Irish will be very welcoming. “Cead Mile Failte to them as they arrive on the green shores it Erin. Retired
_editionsofme Welcome to the edge Watched “zero forks given” at the weekend and ever since Emirate airlines here on twitter seem desperate to hire me. The Irish will be a handy third language. If you're looking for love in a looking glass world, it's pretty hard to find.
connolly_s Dublin, Ireland And the handball reference… we Irish will never forget that handball #java #oss #maven #jenkinsci #apache #cloudbees I mostly tweet things I find funny or stuff about software engineering. Occasionally drift into Phys Chem stuff
VoLKANO76 Johannesburg @alanhsmith @simongriifinjp Havili I going to have to sort out his physicality though. He played well vs Matt To'omua who is essentiallya flyhalf but he was bullied by De Allende last year and this year the Aussies will play Kerevi and the Irish will have Henderson. rugby and conditioning coach - Jesus is King! Support Boks, BlitzBoks, Sharks, Brumbies, Bristol Bears, Benetton, Munster and The Blues in that order!! 🏉