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StuOstro Atlanta, GA We're used to seeing this type of spectacular imagery of mesovortices (typical of very intense tropical cyclones) spinning in the eye of W Pacific super typhoons; in the Atlantic and at this latitude not so much — a visual testament to how exceptional the threat from #Florence is Weather-obsessed wx geek & proud to be! Weather = power of universe. Sr meteorologist @weatherchannel. Double IPA | Quad espresso | Loud Music♫ | @JayhawkRdrnnr
courtneyact London, England She’s Irish, she raps, and she has a resting heart rate of 40 beats per minute. Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Cardi O’Vascular Snap/Insta/FB courtneyact #CBBWINNER Mgmt:
JillianvT Dublin, Ireland Wow. Dublin Castle clock tower is lit up with the Portrait of Irish Parliamentarians for the Worlds first International Congress of Women’s Caucuses.,, Consultant, NED, Trustee. Former Independent Senator.
niallmcgee N Ireland @Glenn2487 @AllisonMorris1 @irish_news As long as you're doing it in your own time, with no financial contribution from the public purse whatsoever (for travel, security, etc) then that's fine - fill your boots and have fun. In this case if GW were to clarify that it would be great. Christian. IT professional. Husband. Father. (Very) amateur sound engineer. Ginger. Sinister. Don't get a lot of sleep.
thehorse04 Ireland This is unbelievable. Roy Keane brings nothing but controversy to the Irish setup & O' Neill has us playing football from the eighties. Granted we don't have the players but thats because the FAI is a joke. There should be footballing centres of excellence all over Ireland. Sad! Alan. Massive Liverpool fan. Love dogs. JFT96. Dont buy the S*n.
DailyYeats “Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.” Quotes from the poetry, plays, and prose of William Butler Yeats.**From our birthday, until we die, Is but the winking of an eye**

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infantitum @TByrne75 @BadBadams @GreenJ Oh wow, you really are race obsessed. I like how she’s Aryan and not say, Nordic or Irish. #EveryonesANazi Ahh... Twitter: the social network exclusively dedicated to vitriol and human negativity. Follows and RTs are not endorsements.
richardchua Petaling Jaya and Singapore This is testament to the energy exuded by BDC on Sunday. I am an artist and an art writer.
Jeremy_cheatham Boston, MA When leaving an event I think my favorite way of leaving is giving the old Irish goodbye #vanish #Idontcare Helping cure C. Diff one trial at a time. 49ers 🏈 Snowboarding 🏂 Fortnite enthusiast 🔫. Xbox Tag: RussianGrammar
Irish_Girl98 Granite City, Illinois Safe to say both me and the cardinals are winners 💁🏽‍♀️❤️❤️ @ Busch Stadium
Lizzie_Rose_17 my uber driver has an Irish satnav and it's like asmr A general enthusiast, but particularly for dancing, dogs, tumblr, indie music, youtube, and world peace.
Killer4144 @ThatScottSmith @desalvo_franco @CaesarArcher @prettylilbot7 @Melissa1opinion @FnicholasR @chucklfinley @TangNoire @101PCHCruzGirl @CodeOfPatriots @dycy5239 @KungFunny @GoodAndBadHabit @NRAHillbilly @raypjrone @GKeile @thatisDVS @JohnnyHuffingt1 @proffitt_judy @MarlaHooch2 @BobPattersonJr1 @callawaykeith @Noirefilmfan1 @LoriinUtah @maga_irish @Rightwingmadman @shanehardy58 @lilamaga @ROHLL5 @spitsfire_ @RichardVeii @ElderLansing @bbusa617 @neff630 @_TheRealBecky1 @Patrici15767099 @cparham65 @letters4trump45 @cjdtwit @Lady_Vi_2U @Maggieb1B @trevor_aselton @slacker_ga @HKecia @battleofever @ProudArkgirl @poconomtn @RealShinyNickle @ChicotheCanine @EmersenLee Jeff Epstein, 45's old buddy. A registered sex offender, convicted of soliciting sex from underage girls for prostitution. His parties were all over the news and one of the parties was the 13 year old girl that accused 45 of rape.What's that saying"Birds of a feather?😂😂😂 #TheResistance
capitalsaw …I take the old testament at face value and I am unwilling to change my hermeneutics when I come to those passages and make promises to Israel become promises to some other entity, including the church." 2/2 Retweet does not necessarily mean endorsement.
capitalsaw John MacArthur: "This is the summation of my whole 'dispensationalism': I simply believe that there is still a future for Israel as a nation, as an entity in the purposes of God, because that’s what’s promised in the old testament… 1/2 Retweet does not necessarily mean endorsement.
FnicholasR @Patrici22119686 @ThatScottSmith @desalvo_franco @CaesarArcher @Killer4144 @prettylilbot7 @Melissa1opinion @chucklfinley @TangNoire @101PCHCruzGirl @CodeOfPatriots @dycy5239 @KungFunny @GoodAndBadHabit @NRAHillbilly @raypjrone @GKeile @thatisDVS @JohnnyHuffingt1 @proffitt_judy @MarlaHooch2 @BobPattersonJr1 @callawaykeith @Noirefilmfan1 @LoriinUtah @maga_irish @Rightwingmadman @shanehardy58 @lilamaga @ROHLL5 @spitsfire_ @RichardVeii @ElderLansing @bbusa617 @neff630 @_TheRealBecky1 @Patrici15767099 @cparham65 @letters4trump45 @cjdtwit @Lady_Vi_2U @Maggieb1B @trevor_aselton @slacker_ga @HKecia @battleofever @ProudArkgirl @poconomtn @RealShinyNickle @ChicotheCanine You didn't list any references. Or articles. I refuted 3/4 of what you posted. Yet you have the gall to call me out on three articles that say the debt will cause ruin? You ignorant fool. Go back under your rock. Couldn't find distinct name? Had to use 8 random digits? Troll. 🌊
hvginn @Hozier how would you feel about mutually growing old and dying of consumption in a storm on the irish countryside 🎃👻💀
7Wigwam Movie about Irish convict woman in Australia causes uproar about sexism
e20b255b @salvatore_annie @gtconway3d I spoke to a civilian paralegal who worked at the JAG office on base shortly after 9/11 happened, she said she never saw so many young Airmen so sure they were going to die soon. They were getting their power of attorneys and wills done before they shipped out.

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