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Right Wills picked an Irish-American Catholic president whose family came over during the famine to stan Couldn t find anyone in UK history Maybe it wasn t his idea Maybe he wanted to show that he has pull here He does with Boomers amp the right The rest Not so much

Coondoggo @haynescarey @HRHDukeThomas Right. Wills picked an Irish-American Catholic president, whose family came over during the famine, to stan. Couldn't find anyone in UK history? Maybe it wasn't his idea. Maybe he wanted to show that he has pull here. He does with Boomers & the right. The rest? Not so much. Partner, Grams, Mom, dog mom, and fan of Lego Masters.

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Finders_ie Dublin City, Ireland Your #Irish #Family may have left an #estate for you 👉🏼 #wills #inheritance #beneficiaries Professional international probate genealogy & heir hunter firm tracing missing & unknown next of kin & beneficiaries #bbcheirhunters #HeirHunters
Rob_Shenanigans Cleveland, OH @browns_irish I agree. And 2 of those 4 factors are not performance related, but rather decision making. Stefanski can't physically make Wills try harder or Watson throw better. "Control the controllables" The thing Stefanski CAN do is commit to using Chubb more and deciding to blitz more. Personally foul. Moderate tomfoolery with bouts of severe debauchery. Music. Movies. Cleveland. Bad takes on sports. I'm an idiot with a Twitter account, chill.
TomClingo England, United Kingdom @JimJones1425 @Jay__wills @gloucesterrugby This point doesn’t stand up at all on the basis that Ben Earl got sent off at London Irish for a very similar tackle only a couple of weeks ago! No “cheating” involved. The referee missed it🤷‍♂️ FA Level 2, proud head coach of Forest Row FC and coach of AFC Acorns, Qualified Referee, Former Coach Juventus Academy KSA⚫️⚪️ PTID❤️💙
heathcliff999 Tipperary, Ireland @according2_taz @according2_taz you have to watch this Irish take on the book and fight scene between Wills and H ! It’s very funny. Carpe Diem !!
Bru1g @_R_J_B_tw @timreay @Femi_Sorry If the EU were serious about departure they could have softened their negotiating stance and proposed a Norway-style solution. threats, ridiculous border in the Irish Sea (they knew would impact the NI population). Result? A 'battle of wills' that pleases nobody.

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