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@eb_insurance Revealed: Half of Ireland's TDs are millionaires... and here's how much they're worth…

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@heckyessica @death_to_ether @sooze555 @kylegriffin1 Nice try. I ain't doing ur homework for u. Try the Old Testame…

Jpsw8 Uk
Gove casts doubt on merits of customs partnership proposal

JustinDudarino Davenport, IA
Mormons are Christians. Jews are people of the Book. The Torah is read very differently than the Old Testament; it'…

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@seanflanery It was so awesome to finally get to meet you.

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@CorlisSarah @johnlegend @kathygriffin He give us Irish-Americans a bad taste in the mouth. The man is a slug.

jili_palm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@JamesMartinSJ @SarahKSilverman @realDonaldTrump Old Testament receipt.. Leviticus 23:22 “ ‘When you rea…

.@AndrewMarr9 can you believe @bbcnickrobinson said that? “I hear your sincerity!” This to an Irish politician with…

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@tomibabyy Obviously she hasn’t read the New Testament 🤔

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@GayatriGalloway Irish gentry !

French school history books were simply by side, line of Borges' use of the Irish conspirator's sighs and who had made his

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@akvawe66 @Angaurdian I know. My ancestors are Welsh, Irish, Italian, Scottish, etc, even Indians. I'd hate to have to keep up with it all.

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@SRuhle @Mother_Rell Was thinking about that yesterday &mentioned it to a friend. Gov't needs ethnic guilt by moth…

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Ask for the grace to look upon each one with compassion and to see everyone with the eyes of love with which God se…

) Still, I’m always tempted to hop in a low-key way. Down goes Irish Man.

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Irish pet food unit targeted in $125m Mars legal salvo  

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Cancer Council sues dead woman's estate for m #dementia #donations #inheritancewillsprobate #medicalrecords #wills

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The son of Irish Flame, Sonny Bill Du Tooy, makes it two wins in a row at Greyville for the Hollywood Syndicate and…

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"Insofar as it is a problem, that border is the EU’s problem. It’s therefore not up to May to concoct a ‘solution’…

@_sheikkhh_ Wow I sound like Irish or something loool

@morgan__lynnnn Irish mules are better

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@Channel4News I can see similarities here in what Emily has discovered in translating The Odyssey to the way in whi…

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@WiredSources @DianaBialkowski 'PURE America'. Black, Hispanic, Asian, Peruvian, British, Scots, The Irish, German,…

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@Hanprendergast Untrue. Pregnant women are treated for cancer each and every day in our hospitals. Maternity hospit…

@MattOBoyle99 @ChrisBiv @WFAN660 This guy JJ reminds me of these Irish Kids from Richmond Hill I used to hang with…

@Brasilmagic The stupid evangelicals believe in the new testament. They can wait another 2000 years for Jesus to re…

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@FinnyCaulfield Congratulations! That daily subscriber count is insane x__X Take it as a testament to your quality

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@ApexPrdtr I will beb. Thaaanks! ☺️

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Wild Irish Roses..

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