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ganyet Barcelona, Catalonia Languages, by speakers as percentage of EU population: Catalan 2% Danish 1% Finnish 1% Croatian 1% Lithuanian 1% Slovene <1% Estonian <1% Irish <1% Latvian <1% Maltese <1% Find the one language not official in the EU. Source @wikipedia. Interested in life, the universe and everything. Work: @Mortensen, Teach: @UPFBarcelona, Talk: @RAC1 @beteve Write: @LaVanguardia @VIAEmpresa @cavallfort
skenigsberg Washington, DC Lmao @BarackObama visited this Irish gas station once and they’ve never gotten over it senior video producer @moveon | Ⓥ | ॐ
SeanMcElwee the means of production The fact that Trump’s entire administration is not labeled white supremacist is a testament to the power of political correctness culture in media. Contributor at @thenation. Overton Window Mover. Newsletter writer. Co-founder and Chief Meme Officer at @DataProgress. seanadrianmc [at] gmail
ATMcashpoint Of course, a previous #Telltale game already based a character on dark-haired, green-eyed, Irish ur-Guybrush Smear West: dark-haired, green-eyed Morgan LeFlay in Tales of #MonkeyIsland.
Padt Fate wills it so. If I'm wrong, then...what more could I lose.
ESPMartel Buenos Aires, Argentina @Finnur02H Are you sure Tupakk Sjakkur wasnt irish? yellowstone appreciator
cockpieceALF Melmac @666Harps666 @Metallibanger @kimbohellyeah @edguygz @unknown_meuknow @Darksun_always @mtlkeith @M6NSTER @Katy_Ann_Snake @dragontatlisa @racarter378 @nowayjeff @Captainsnake @shdw1013 @EricEric992 @balbuen5 @GibsonGothMan @BrianCacini Yo DUNCE. If I claim not to know the band, then clearly I am not pretending to like them. You fucking moron. Testament blows anyway. They could never keep up with Metallica or Megadeth. Original. Simple. Worthy.
MaccasMock Adelaide The first on Irish Day @SAJockeyClub goes to the heavily backed Farooq for @mcevoymitchell and Todd Pannell RadioTab Racecaller for UBET; Teams-Arsenal & Carlton
TheRacesSA Adelaide, South Australia Race 1 at @SAJockeyClub for Irish Race Day won by Farooq ridden by Todd Pannell for @mcevoymitchell. There's nothing like a day at The Races.
desaoki Florida, USA Gourmet at the oldest joint in NYC....#neverstop #irish @ McSorley's Old Ale House
DominickIzzo USA Been reading the New Testament lately. Jesus leaves absolutely no room for err or interpretation. He doesn’t fuck around with what He says we MUST do. He's not really a nice guy about it. Never paid attention to this side of Him. Chronicles of an ex-cop and lapsed perfectionist who’s taking a stab at clarity. Life, Part 2 #NoFilter #Raw #BacktrackingtofindtheRoses #ArmyofOne
padraigohannon The tale of an old crime, an American attorney, and the Irish woman he loves. Murder in County Tyrone by Padraig O'Hannon - winner of New Apple and Reader's Favorite awards, and book 1 in #TheIrishMysteries. #IARTG #BookBoost #BYNR Multiple award-winning mystery/thriller author. Trad. Irish musician, animal lover, Arsenal supporter.

Executor Duties

EileenRight2017 Indiana, USA @Liz_Wheeler @celesteka Fallon (origin Irish) meaning girl. #hmmm It's called the Right for a reason, because we're RIGHT!!!! Love my country.
TwinRuler @SHCathletics Let's get that offense going, Irish!
meredith_archer @benhiggi @ashleyiaco Disney Channel Original Movies will always be timeless! Some of my top favorites are Motorcrossed, Double Teamed, The Luck of the Irish & Smart House "It’s extravagant, it doesn’t make sense. We’ll never comprehend, the way You love us." Bethel Music
grantsillypants Ohio Hour 9: I am eating Irish nachos. What the fuck are Irish nachos? I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown; which forces me to blow it at the most important moments. YNWA.
manatweets World U.S. President Trump to visit Ireland in November: Irish government #BreakingNews Android Developer |#Android Trainer. Follow the last news about #Android | Amateur musician. Improve Concentration With #RockMusic
brittany039 To the couple at the @edsheeran concert slow dancing, Irish dancing and all other kinds of dancing together, you are #relationshipgoals ❤😁 #EdSheeranToronto watch out for that girl one day she may change the world

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